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Moneymap is the New Truth-Telling Lawyer?: Alexis Neely Updated Alexis Katz

Moneymap is the New Truth-Telling Lawyer?: Alexis Neely Updated Alexis Katz


#Alexis Neely

#Alexis Martin

#Ali Shanti

Family Wealth Planning Institute, LLC
Lift Foundation Systems, LLC
Its (sic) All Happening, LLC
Eyes Wide Open LLC
New Law Business Model aka Law Business Mentors
Personal Family Lawyer aka America’s Personal Family Lawyer
The Alexis M. Neely 2005 Irrevocable Trust
The AMN 2010 Irrevocable Trust

One the most common tactics under The Sociopathic Business Model™ is to change the name of a company to distance from unethical and or illegal behavior.  This allows a company to not take accountability for the unethical and or illegal activity while trying to attract “new clients.” A popular Case Study on the page is that of Alexis Neely: (aka Ali Shanti, aka Alexis Martin Neely, aka Martin Neely & Associates).

Please read:


UPDATED Haters vs. Forced Accountability: The Alexis Martin Neely Case Study “The Truth-Telling Lawyer”? | KILLING MY CAREER


Ali Shanti True Security for Your Parents

Forced Accountability: Parasitically Preying on Parents is Not A Business Model: Ali Shanti Case Study | KILLING MY CAREER

Alexis Martin Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely Moneymap

As there’s an update of a new site from Alexis Martin:  Money Map

Let’s hope there’s some “truth-telling” in this advertising:

Alexis Martin Moneymap


And since Twitter is all a flutter with #moneymap clients preaching the gospel of Alexis Martin Neely, AliShanti Neely:

Alexis Martin Money Map Twitter Flutter

Is this just #PRSpin MoneyMap or are all these people actually paying clients who would be eligible

for the money back guarantee?

#PRSpinUnSpun MoneyMap transparency in marketing is necessary when trying establish creditibility

after a less than honest “Truth-Telling Lawyer,” wanted everyone’s “Eyes Wide Open” for

the fleecing of our parents for personal financial gain. (eek)

And even her clients don’t know which name to use (is that inconsistent and contradictory?)

@alishanti33 is also @AlexisNeely

Alexis Martin Money Map Melanie Lotos

Melanie Lotos has sent 27 tweets total

but really pushing this Money Map

Alexis Neely Money Map Twitter

Are all these people using the program from free in exchange for their testimonials? Are they just friends doing her a favor?

Did they pay for the program?

Consumers have the right to know what exactly they’re investing in-meaning is this all smoke and mirror marketing

or are these verifiable paying customers?

Do your homework and let fact based evidence over time help guide decisions.

As a reminder: Each person reading any of the Case Studies should apply the facts to make the personal best decisions on whether to purchase or support a particular company or product. Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

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