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Michael Brown’s Parents Testify Before U.N. Committee Against Torture?

Michael Brown’s Parents Testify Before U.N. Committee Against Torture?

Novebmer 15, 2015

Michael Brown’s Parents Testify Before U.N. Committee Against Torture

Today Show Michael Browns Parents

On Tuesday, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden addressed the United Nations Committee against Torture, in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of a delegation of human rights advocates, in an attempt to raise awareness about the death of their son Michael Brown.


Racism exists as does federal and state government acting lawlessly but it’s tough to connect how Michael Brown’s parents speaking at the U.N. would have any impact regarding police brutality in the U.S. or specifically Ferguson.  Again awareness without action will fall flat.  People are aware of Ferguson and Michael Brown and now would be the time to attach an action to this awareness.  Whoever is pulling the strings behind this are re-victimizing Michael Brown’s parents and using them as pawns.

As for the Federal Grand Jury:  A Federal Grand Jury results in an indictment 99% of the time which leads to a trial & 95-98% of the trials are successful (which includes settling out of court)

  • So where are the human rights advocates for the hundreds of thousands of white women injured by synthetic surgical mesh pelvic organ prolapse and bladder suspension kits?

    Don’t see the DOJ rushing out to protect our human rights violated by Ethicon, Inc., Davol Bard, American Medical Systems, Boston Scientific even though there are investigations by DOJ in 42 states.

    So it’s okay to violate our human rights as long as we women are anethesized (unconscious) in the lithotomy position (our legs spread and suspended in the air)in a hospital operating room by a licensed surgeon using his scalpel (knife) to implant(cut into our vagina and pelvis) an FDA 510(k) cleared synthetic surgical mesh medical device? Really? That’s okay?

    You have no idea how many women (and men implanted with hernia mesh) welcome the thought of joining Michael Brown not to live in a perpetual state of pain and internal mutilation.

    Surgeons in America believe that a scalpel and O.R. are license to be the “Josef Mengele” of the modern age implanting 510(k) cleared (not proven to be safe or effective) medical devices in human guinea pigs, the American patient.

    Where is the outrage for the continuing crimes against humanity of the FDA/CDRH, Ethicon, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, Davol Bard, surgeons, hospitals and insurance companies across America?

    They are all accomplices of the Sociopathic Business model you so accurately describe here on http://www.killingmycareet.com. Thank you, Melayna!

    Lana Keeton, outraged my human rights have been violated and no one is standing up for me. NO ONE!

    November 15, 2014 at 9:29 am
  • whoever

    It’s quite possible that they’re completely aware of the (short-term) futility but are seeking some sort of affirmation or moral victory because they’ve done everything they can legally within Missouri and the system there is rigged.

    November 18, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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