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May is Medical Mesh Awareness Month

May is Medical Mesh Awareness Month

May 1, 2014Medical Mesh Awareness Boycott the Band Aid

As of January, 2014 more than 40,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed against a number of TVM manufacturers, and more than 22,000 filed against GyneCare a subsidiary of Ethicon a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and products include:

  • Ethicon TVT
  • Gynecare TVT
  • Gynemesh PS
  • Prolene Polypropylene Mesh Patch
  • Secure

Boycott The Band Aid to bring awareness to the Gynecare Mesh Cases

Johnson & Johnson responsible for 22 thousand personal injury lawsuits for mesh

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare 13 thousand cases in WV

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare

Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff said in a statement late Tuesday the company continues to sell mesh to treat stress urinary incontinence, which causes bladder leaks.  Woodruff said those devices “are considered by many to be the gold standard of treatment” for the incontinence.  Who are the many?  Johnson & Johnson Executives?  Johnson & Johnson Shareholders?  Do the many stand to profit from other’s pain?

Alex Gorsky Gary Pruden Sheri McCoy Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare Executives testify in NJ Mesh Case

Each person who has been affected or loves someone affected by Johnson & Johnson’s inability to recognize the rights of victims by destroying documents for upcoming vaginal mesh trials or for their continued lack of accountability by putting profits above patients should send them a message this May that will affect another of Johnson & Johnson’s gold standard product and:

BOYCOTT THE BAND AID.  (This link takes you to buycott which will allow you to download an app for your smartphone and alert you if your purchase is a Johnson & Johnson product or subsidiary)

Please keep Mesh in the media during the month of  May, put pressure on Johnson & Johnson in the court of public opinion by banding together and boycotting a box of Band-Aids for each of the over 22,000 mesh cases yet to go to trial.  Let Johnson & Johnson know we won’t let them Band-Aid their image at the expense of mesh patients!

Please cut and copy these images and post them on your social media pages or like this post and let’s kick off Medical Mesh Awareness Month right!

Mesh Awareness Boycott The Band Aid


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