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LinkedIn Account Closed Again…Any Guess How that Happened?

LinkedIn Account Closed Again…Any Guess How that Happened?

Linkedin final

UPDATED:  We can add my Washington Post email account was also suspended for no apparent reason.  Weird.

UPDATED: 3:43 LinkedIn back up working with legal.

And now the second time in two months, my LinkedIn account shut down with High Restriction (which usually means someone reported the account).  Who needs more to do??  Should I be concerned that an executive secretary looked at my LinkedIn account yesterday?  Oh I bet it’s just a strange coincidence.

Who do we think might not want the truth exposed?  Let’s look at The Sociopathic Business Model™ and see what I’ve done to protect myself against the model since last time this happened:

1.  I now own my site (which can’t be shut down-unless court ordered-Good thing I have that journalism degree to fall back on, just for times like these)

  • built current site in 24 hours to avoid the loss of traffic
  • pulled all traffic from Tumblr account (can also be closed by someone ‘reporting’ content)

2.  Only 30 % of my traffic comes from LinkedIn (opposed to 90% previously)

3.  Enlisting the help of others to get the word out about the site.

  • If you in any way disagree with what is happening, please send the link to others who may benefit from the information
  • https://killingmycareer.com

When they hand you the playbook, it’s easy to anticipate what they’ll do to supress the truth, which was expected, what I’ll do, isn’t.

Here’s the thing, since I’ve changed industries, I’ve become savvy to website development (thanks RJ) and using tracking analytics.  Certain people (not reps) should know I can track corporate New Jersey and Menlo IP addresses linked to a certain company and turn them over to an attorney for harassment while working in conjunction with LinkedIn. Truth and fact based evidence will always prevail over sociopathic tendencies.  Justice may not always be swift, but she’s accurate and she’s paying attention.

FBI 2 25 plus dc final

My latest note to LinkedIn below:

This is now the second time since I re-activated (under two months) my account that it has been High Restricted suspended. Last time without explanation my account was shut down and only ‘I’m sorry,’ from LinkedIn upon reactivation. Please let me know what is prompting the closures and if this is something I should expect monthly in the future?

Thanks for reading and your understanding-


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  • amiro gnecco

    I have no idea it happened to me why is this going on they took my contacts from my phone all I do is post positive things and invite insurance agents which is my field. No live person to talk to and only joined a month ago

    September 1, 2014 at 5:09 am

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