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UPDATED: Bank Of America, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, White Collar Crime Law Firm Covington & Eric Holder Case Study

UPDATED: Bank Of America, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, White Collar Crime Law Firm Covington & Eric Holder Case Study

UPDATED below original story: August 28, 2015 Bank Of America Reportedly Settles Overtime Lawsuit For $36 Million 


BOYCOTT Covington’s Clients Until They Fire Eric Holder

August 25, 2015

Media Eric Holder Covington

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice charged Ashish Aggarwal, who worked in the San Francisco office of J.P. Morgan (JPM), with illegally tipping his friends with secret information about pending mergers and acquisitions. CNNMoney

#MEDIA Ask if today’s JP Morgan announcement is part of a whistleblower case and if Covington represents the company

What mainstream media is failing to report is that Eric Holder former US Attorney General, who was involved in prosecuting this case on behalf of the government now works for law firm Covington who defends companies accused of white collar crime and previously boasted JP Morgan as a client in an SEC Investigation.

The Sociopathic Business Model™ Covington Partner Bruce A. Baird

The Sociopathic Business Model™ Covington Partner Bruce A. Baird 3

Bruce A. Baird of law firm Covington who now employs former US Attorney General Eric Holder boasts of representing JPMorgan Chase in an SEC investigation

It’s not uncommon in complex multi-government cases like this for one person (or people) to possibly get kicked-out from under federal seal  (whistleblower or False Claims) as part of a much larger investigation. During the course of the investigation the SEC & DOJ in conjunction with the FBI potentially find guilty targets: Ashish Aggarwal,  and his two friends Shahriyar Bolandian and Kevan Sadigh were charged with securities fraud among other things and Bolandian is also charged with money laundering.

The kick-out of individuals is potentially done for three reasons:

  1. it unethically allows the company to try and distance from crimes by placing blame without shame, remorse guilt or accountability while
  2. the government is negotiating civil & criminal charges against with the company
  3. forces those individuals named and charge, once protected by company’s attorneys to now find their own attorneys as they’re no longer legally allowed to be presented by the same attorneys who are represnting the company.
    1. This is consistent with JP Morgan declining to comment, which again points to a possible under seal whistleblower lawsuit) and that Aggarwal has an attorney lawyer, Grant Fondo of Goodwin Procter.

#MEDIA Ask if Covington is currently representing any major companies in white collar whistleblower cases 

Of course we know they can’t answer that, but isn’t THAT the problem?   Frequent readers of this page may note an interesting similiarity in pattern to JP Morgan with Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Acclarent where two former executives were charged in an indictment that was unsealed.  Again the language used implies that there’s still likely more sealed which again speaks to the two reasons mentioned above, it allows an unethical company accused of crimes in a whistleblower lawsuit to distance from their crimes without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability while they negotiate with the goverment on corporate civil and criminal damages.

Media Eric Holder Covington #JNJ

Large companies like JP Morgan and Johnson & Johnson, who law firm Covington also previously boasted as a client, likely stick with the same firm in large government cases in part because they have relationships with the goverment and multiple offices and support staff to meet the demands of cases that run an average of five to 10 years.

Covington oversaw Johnson & Johnson 785 million acquistion of acclarent

Covington oversaw Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of Acclarent

If Covington is representing JP Morgan or Johnson & Johnson in any current sealed whistleblower lawsuits where Eric Holder was US Attorney General his employment at Covington contradicts and undermines whistleblowers who represent the taxpayer’s interest.   Holder’s no longer protecting the people he’s fighting against them at Covington who protect companies accused of unethical & illegal behavior.  Eric Holder was not just some Attorney General from the mid-west who saw a few cases a year, Holder oversaw every single industry and essentially every case in the United States, from automakers, banking, pharma/med device, technology and why it is unethical and should be illegal for Covington to employ him for the next ten years.

Covington is (eye-roll) potentially exploiting the spirit of the federal whistleblower seal by unethically manipulating facts while not recognizing the rights of taxpayers; and why Eric Holder must be immediately & permanently terminated from their law firm.  

Covington is hoping the taxpayers aren’t smart enough to notice what they’re doing and when their top suspected clients control billions in advertising dollars (Johnson & Johnson spent $2.6 billion advertising in 2013) and advertising controls the media which is exactly why you won’t see mainsteam media reporting this.

The DOJ should be investigating Covington and not potentially negotiating with them.

Boycott Covington Clients until they permanently remove Eric Holder from their firm due to conflict of interest #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

UPDATED: August 28, 2015 Bank Of America Reportedly Settles Overtime Lawsuit For $36 Million 

Hey which law firm boasted they represented Bank of America before? If you guess Covington you’re catching on!

When working a few extra hours, you have a reasonable expectation to be compensated for that time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, which was the case for nearly 400 employees of Bank of America who sued the company alleging it failed to pay them overtime. Now, the company has agreed to settle the case, providing $36 million to the wronged employees.

The San Francisco Business Times reports that a lawyer representing the 365 current and former employees announced the settlement just days before the case was set to go to trial on Aug. 31.

Eric Holder just last year was defending employees & whistleblowers now he’s defending Bank of America who cheated their employees out of $36 million in overtime.



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