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Updated: Johnson & Johnson’s #SerialKillerCEO Alex Gorsky Stays on Trump’s Business Panel

Updated: Johnson & Johnson’s #SerialKillerCEO Alex Gorsky Stays on Trump’s Business Panel

August 16, 2017


As expressed yesterday, Johnson & Johnson’s #SerialKillerCEO Alex Gorsky has the blood on his hands from 31 dead children and currently 55,000 injured transvaginal mesh women in federal court. Did people really think a little thing like inclusion was keeping Gorsky up at night, or would force him from Trump’s business advisory panel? Nope, he’d have to have soul for that.

Maybe Trump would fire Gorsky once he realizes that former Attorney General and Obama buddy, Eric Holder’s firm Covington defends Johnson & Johnson on their never-ending white collar crimes. Hmmm, I wonder which side Eric Holder was on when he, as Attorney General, prosecuted Johnson & Johnson, who paid $2.2 billion for Risperdal fraud– 31 children died, another 1,207 were permanently injured and 14-year-old males grew breasts BUT CEO, Alex Gorsky evaded prison.  And interestingly enough, one of the things Covington boasted about on their website was keeping their white collar executives out of jail.  Conflict of interest, anyone?

Full disclosure I was federal whistleblower against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Acclarent* and helped the government recover $18 million for taxpayers and the case helped convict two former Johnson & Johnson executives.   Let’s not waste this opportunity to mention that these CONVICTED executives have yet to be sentenced.  Please let Judge Allison D. Burroughs know that it’s time to put convicted executives in jail, a spot they earned. CLICK HERE

*additional litigation pending

Updated: PR Spin: #QuitTheCouncil

PRSpinUnSpun: Johnson & Johnson will always put profits before anything, including as history has shown, patients.  Johnson & Johnson doesn’t care about Trump’s statements, they care that it would give the many injured patient victims a platform to continue to expose the corruption and using #SerialKillerCEO, does that honestly and easily. Don’t be fooled by their PRSpin. Trump is and was the same person as when Gorsky signed on board.

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