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Johnson & Johnson’s Image–Taking a Beating No Band-Aid Can Fix

Johnson & Johnson’s Image–Taking a Beating No Band-Aid Can Fix


Johnson & Johnson’s image, taking a beating no Band-Aid can fix.

January 30, 2014

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is the maker of the Band-Aid,  ”America’s #1 Bandage Brand,’ according to the company’s site. There might not be a Band-Aid big enough to fix Johnson & Johnson’s image problems, despite the company spending between $20-$30 million to finish out the year on their new campaign, the company’s first in over 10 years, For All You Love.

Johnson & Johnson, an American based company, with ties around the world produces the following baby items, that contain cancer-causing agents; however, these agents have been banned in South Africa, Sweden and Japan, but still remain in the US Market:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo*
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Oatmeal Baby Wash
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Moisture Care Baby Wash
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy

Johnson & Johnson originally stated the agents would be removed from their baby products, in the US Market, by November 15, 2013, now are pushing the date to the end of the year 2013 and completed January 2014*.  And not removing the same cancer-causing agents from their adult products (banned in other Countries) until sometime in 2015.

Why are we supporting Johnson & Johnson who is putting profit before our families’ health?

Johnson & Johnson may be the producers of on ‘more tears baby shampoo’, but company executives and stockholders surely must be crying over their recent DOJ fines in the BILLIONS (yep, that’s a ‘B’ not a ‘M’)

  • Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $2.3 BILLION for off-label marketing for their drug Risperdal  1,207 children given Risperdal suffered serious problems, including 31 who died. Among the deaths was a 9-year-old with attention deficit problems who suffered a fatal stroke 12 days after starting therapy with Risperdal. Eleven of the deaths were children whose treatment with Risperdal was unapproved by theF.D.A.  And 14-year-old boys were reportedly developing breasts.
  • Johnson & Johnson in a pact to pay $4 BILLION for hip implant recall.
  • Johnson & Johnson paid $4 million in the first of many cases for causing birth defects.
  • Johnson & Johnson Recalls (Children’s Motrin & KY-Jelly

Johnson & Johnson is worth a reported $67.2 Billion and sales are up this year, despite all of the negative press. Sales increase as ethics decrease.

How do consumers, taxpayers and patients alike send a message to Johnson & Johnson to fix their corporate problems and not risk the lives of patients, consumers or cost taxpayers more?

Simple:  We all BOYCOTT Band-Aids and purchase the competitive equivalent.  For all of 2014, if you want to create change, be a part of it, and buy a different brand. Sometimes it’s challenging to know if a product is a subsidiary to the parent company; but,there’s  a new app for your smartphone, called www.buycott.com, which allows you to scan items before you buy them so that you can not only boycott Band-Aids; but, boycott all Johnson & Johnson products.  Our purchases have power.

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