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Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Have 3 Problems: Executives, Laying Off 3,000 Medical Device Employees & Pathological Fraud from the SEC to RICO

Johnson & Johnson Shareholders Have 3 Problems: Executives, Laying Off 3,000 Medical Device Employees & Pathological Fraud from the SEC to RICO

January 21, 2016 

Do all Johnson & Johnson negative press releases only get released to The Wall Street Journal as a means to control negative PRSpin?

Inconsistent & contradictory language to action: Johnson & Johnson gives CEO Alex Gorsky a 48% raise in 2015 bringing his compensation over 25 million and in 2016 cuts 3000 jobs.


Worldwide Chairman & CEO of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky divorced truthful negative SEO from company bio Risperdal

Worldwide Chairman & CEO of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky divorced truthful negative SEO from the corporate bio regarding Janssen’s Risperdal, as a means to distance from crimes in which he’s associated.

Alex Gorsky Worldwide Chairman & CEO of Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is proving once again his pathological unethical & illegal mismanagement of the company should be shareholders number one concern,  a point further validated by what should be the shareholders second biggest concern, Gary Pruden Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices,  whose division is overrun with massive fraud from Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiaries DePuy Synthes, Ethicon Gynecare* & Ethicon Acclarent*; and, now this mismanagement is costing 3,000 honest & hard working employees their jobs as JNJ announces layoffs via, (who else but their buddies over atThe Wall Street Journal.

Johnson & Johnson PRSpin:  Johnson & Johnson and The Wall Street Journal Press Release Game

Worldwide Chairman Medical Devices of Johnson & Johnson Gary Pruden removed negative SEO from corprate bio in relation to Risperdal

Worldwide Chairman Medical Devices of Johnson & Johnson Gary Pruden divorced truthful negative SEO from the corporate bio regarding Janssen’s Risperdal, as a means to distance from crimes in which he’s associated.

The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains The Wall Street Journal will likely be the only major source of this information (outside of small industry outlets), not unlike on July 2, 2014, when Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes cut 400 jobs, ensuring other major outlets would not report this information because citing major competition isn’t good for companies like Reuters & Bloomberg who often opt out of reporting these stories as a result. This strange correlation suggests Johnson & Johnson uses The Wall Street Journal as a means to mitigate negative SEO associated with chronic layoffs, not unlike Johnson & Johnson executives to manipulate truthful negative SEO  Johnson & Johnson spent $2.6 billion in advertising in 2013, think any of that money goes to Rupert Murdoch’s The Wall Street Journal?

Johnson & Johnson PRSpinUnSpun: Recalls widely reported

The Sociopathic Business Model™ also points out however that Johnson & Johnson’s recalls are widely reported from all major media outlets because the information is generated from the FDA and not from a press release possibly sent to one major news outlet.

True to The Sociopathic Business Model™ Johnson & Johnson’s corporate restructuring & renaming of companies* and why some of the names above associated with fraud may not be familiar to the public or those reporting to the public, because it’s by design as a means to distance from previous crimes, selling off divisions  and layoffs which are associated with fraud are all signs of chronic executive mismanagement. This brings us to what should be Johnson & Johnson shareholders third biggest concern, Bridget Ross Vice President Commercial Operations North America DePuy Synthes also known as The Cleaner (well, that’s what I call her along with a few of my friends.) 

Bridget Ross Death Squad Subsidiaries at Johnson & Johnson now at DePuy SynthesIf Ross worked for the division of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen, Ethicon Gynecare & Acclarent and now conveniently in the Greater Boston Area for DePuy Synthes) rest assured major fraud occurred; and, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ),  Office of Inspector General, HHS, The Department of Defense (DOD), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) along were millions to billions of dollars fines & carefully crafted but utterly meaningless Corporate Integrity Agreements were also involved.

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The REAL Reason for Laying Off 3,000 Employees-->

Johnson & Johnson is cutting 3,000 jobs from Gary Pruden’s Medical Device Division, not coincidentally the same division also linked to massive multiple frauds from DePuy Synthes, Ethicon Gynecare & Ethicon Acclarent.  Chronic mismanagement allowed by Johnson & Johnson from completely inept executives, Alex Gorsky & Gary Pruden, who’ve been encouraged & rewarded  for their career unethical & illegal business model, were then allowed to the replicate that lucrative fraudulent pharmaceutical model in the medical device model without understanding why medical device fraud will never be as lucrative as pharmaceutical fraud and is the reason 3,000 hard-working honest people are losing their jobs and why Johnson & Johnson is failing miserably in the medical device market.   As a result, unethical & illegal pressure, put on reps to agree to submit to quotas, not based of factual or market supported data, but based on the need for falsely project hypergrowth to cover Gorsky & Pruden’s asses with the Board so they can keep their jobs.  Demands for off-label promotion, managers asking for overstocked shelves to “hit a number” and  underreporting MAUDE reports as ‘user error,’ is not a sustainable sales model, it is fraud.

Reps, who know their market and their territories, and are in the ORs, explain to management that the projections and subsequent quotas can never ethically be achieved and offer real-world device feedback which is met by management blaming reps for missing the fraudulent false projections/hyperinflated quotas, telling them they don’t know how to sell, they don’t know how to train surgeons or their surgeons don’t know how to select the correct patient population, all of which is used as means to continue to shift blame without management taking accountability.  Management instead opts to incentivized, encourage & reward reps who sell unethically or illegally and those that don’t are labeled as “difficult” or “unable to sell” and either pushed out or terminated.

Management views reps as “you’re only as good as your last month,” where nothing is ever good enough, which are abusive tactics used to justify the company’s unethical and illegal actions to spare the jobs of executives at the expense of good employees turned unemployed victims, innocent patients turned injured victims, where shareholders and disillusioned and taxpayers footing the bill for billions in healthcare fraud.

Unless reps are willing to expose the negative truthful facts about executives and management this cycle will continue. You may not care now because you’re doing well, or still have a job but it’s only a matter of time when you won’t be, and it has nothing to do with your ability to sell, and it has everything to do with mismanagement covering up fraud.

It’s time for all the victims of Johnson & Johnson to work together and force accountability back on the company.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Per The Sociopathic Business Model™ all employee, consumer, patient, taxpayer and shareholder accomplices (whether knowingly or not) become victims.  Please remember there are many patient victims who have been insulted & demeaned by Johnson & Johnson, not unlike you as employees; but unlike you, the employees, they do not always have access to all the negative truth because of things like document shredding.

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes

Johnson & Johnson Janssen Risperdal & now Levaquin

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent

The only way we create positive change in the industry is to expose the negative truth which damages the corporate image, which is tied to profits otherwise this cycle of fraud that cost employees jobs, consumers & patients their health or lives, and shareholders, and taxpayers billions will continue to be encouraged, replicated and rewarded. 

Here is a link to anonymous industry message board Medtech[y] to facilitate the respectful exchange of information. There are different levels of victimization, from job loss to the loss of bodily functions or life under The Sociopathic Business Model™, and never meant as a comparisons,  but every victim has the right to seek justice and become an empowered survivor which happens by forcing accountability back on the corrupt.

Employee’s careers  are one of the most important relationships in their  lives, and often times other people have made unethical & illegal decisions that have cost hard working employees their jobs. These tools helped me during job loss and they may be of help to others as well. And remember to think of HR as your spouse’s divorce attorney during employee layoffs, they are there to protect the company AND not the employee.  

Dating-and-Career-Signs-of-Abuse Steps to Protect From The Sociopathic Buisness Model™


No matter how hard Johnson & Johnson Chairman & CEO  Alex Gorsky, Chairman of Medical Devices (formerly Ethicon) Gary Pruden and Vice President of Commerical Operations North America DePuy Synthes Bridget Ross try to distance from their crimes roots in Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen, a new group of heroes won’t let them: Terry Aston, John Fratti, Linda Martin, David Melvin, Ester Shulkin & Jennifer Wilcox filed a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act or (RICO) case against Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical & Research Development LLC, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, INC., Renaissance Technologies, L.L.C., Peter F. Brown, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, Robert L. Mercer, and James Simons for the drug Levaquin.  Sure looks like former Attorney General, Eric Holder, who currently works for white collar crime law firm Covington, who defends Johnson & Johnson, sure are going to be busy.

And maybe Johnson & Johnson shareholders should take page from Baxter shareholders playbook:

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