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Johnson & Johnson MSNBC #KnowYourValue (Baby Shampoo or Baby Killer?) Tour

Johnson & Johnson MSNBC #KnowYourValue (Baby Shampoo or Baby Killer?) Tour

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March 9, 2014

Updated: February 24, 2016, Johnson & Johnson to pay $72M in talcum powder-related cancer case

Johnson & Johnson’s go-to is to automatically appeal, which is meant only to delay justice, while further insulting, demeaning and revictimizing the victims, for each case they appeal and lose Johnson & Johnson should have to pay double the original fine.

Updated: March 10, 2015

Johnson & Johnson pleads guilty and pays $20 Million fine tied to metal tainted children’s Tylenol & another $5 million for infant Tylenol 

Updated: April 11, 2015

Former Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent, Inc. Executives, William M. (Bill) Factaeu & Patrick (Pat) Fabian Charged with Securities Fraud and Crimes Related to Sale and Distribution of Medical Devices

msnbc #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson

msnbc and Johnson & Johnson #KnowYourValue Tour 

#KnowYourValue 225.00 ticket to Boston Event October 23 2015

#KnowYourValue Tour Five City Tour Starting in April

Oh the irony with Johnson & Johnson’s latest attempt to put a Band-Aid on the flesh would of what is their rightfully earned battered image.  Mika Brzesinsk and the marketing executives at MSNBC must not know how Google works or were really desperate for baby killer money to fund their latest vanity project #KnowYourValue Tour.    Yes, Johnson & Johnson victims #KnowYourValue as a company full of executives who are promoted for their unethical & illegal activity and we’ve watched as that activity is encouraged, replicated and rewarded at all too high of a cost for patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)


Johnsons-Baby-Shampoo-Testing on PrisonersJohnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo or Baby Killers

So the real question is which is the real Johnson & Johnson? Baby shampoo or baby killers?  As you read through the list of Johnson & Johnson’s ever growing list of victims that’s the question you should be asking yourself as it relates to your future purchasing power.  There are varying degrees of victimization but that does not mean that any one victim should be dismissed. It’s also important to note that under premise of The Sociopathic Business Model™ all accomplices (patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers) eventually become victims.

Victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson Killing My Career

Patients turned mesh victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, Gynecare as there are currently 36,000 cases in state and federal court; and, the company’s approach was to blame the victims where forced accountability from the courts was and continues to be the only remedy.

Patients turned Risperdal victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals as the company was ordered to pay the Department of Justice (DOJ) $2.2 billion for off label promotion and illegal kick-backs for Risperdal where 31 children died, 1,207 were seriously injured and young males grew breasts. Forced accountability from the courts again found Johnson & Johnson guilty of not disclosing the risks of the drug and a CA Jury awarded $2.5 million to a 20-year old autistic man who grew breasts (46DD).

Patients turned hip victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson, DePuy Synthes as the company was ordered to pay the Department of Justice (DOJ) $2.5 billion over device failure  plus an additional $250 million with more than 1,000 additional cases pending.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that Johnson & Johnson victims are also aware of their own value and not going away quietly; and, in fact are working with other victims across the industry to bring about greater public awareness.

Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $23 million to shareholders for mismanagement (but that now appears to be scrubbed from the internet-guess if you’re Johnson & Johnson you get to play by the EU “right to be forgotten” rules right here in the U.S.)

Buycott taking down Johnson & Johnson campaigns fined $23 million for Management Problems

Johnson & Johnson $23 Million fine for management problems caching on bing

Strange that was online for two years and recently found its way off the internet

Thank goodness Law 360 still had a copy of it up on their site.

Law 360 still has Johnson & Johnson to pay $23 million for Mismanagement case stockholders

Poor management creates victims within the organization as well. Johnson & Johnson was forced to be accountable by paying back to back billions in federal fines, forced to be accountable paying back investors for mismanagement; however, the executives (where fraud originates) are not forced to be accountable and the employees in middle of the organization are likely the ones who feel the sting from the company’s unethical and illegal activity where job loss or uncertain futures when their division is sold become a reality.

CMS Open Payments JNJ Ethicon DePuySynthes Killing My Career

DePuy Synthes employees turned victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson 400 employees in the U.S. and additional employees worldwide lost their jobs last year after the company paid out well over $2.5 billion in federal fines while paying doctors & teaching hospitals over $51 million (from just August-December 2013 alone).

Ethicon employees turned victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson  Mentor employees lost jobs after the long awaited Purtox failed to get approval while tenured Acclarent employees jobs lost their jobs last year.

Cordis employees turned victims #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson  perhaps because of mismanagement (or miscalculating the difference between profit margin & fraud as it relates to pharma & device) which may have been contributing factors as to why the division was sold to Cardinal Health causing tenured employees (1997) to become nervous of their future.

Rest assured that demeaned and insulted  terminated employees #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson and they know theirs.

Johnson & Johnson’s victim list continues to grow and despite that fact so do their profits as the company beat fourth quarter estimates (2014).    It’s ironic that a company who filed potentially false lawsuits against women injured by their mesh has decided to partner with MSNBC’s #KnowYourValue Tour which fosters female talent through Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

Or perhaps this irony is really just Johnson & Johnson’s CEO Alex Gorsky along with his company’s money glibly not recognizing the rights of others, while manipulating the facts without shame, remorse or guilt for any of the company’s victims as I’m sure their victims are insulted and demeaned by the notion that anyone would want the ethically challenged Alex Gorsky or Johnson & Johnson’s money anywhere near female talent.  What I do when I see Johnson & Johnson products or CEO Alex Gorsky on MSNBC is ask myself Baby shampoo? Or Baby Killers? And because I #KnowYourValue Johnson & Johnson I also know the answer to that question.

Johnson & Johnson investors

#KnowYourValue top images 3 8 2015

Yesterday these images were trending under #KnowYourValue on Twitter because @msnbc and @jnjnews were

tagged in the photos.  Today @msnbc has blocked tagging photos. 

  • Too bad Johnson & Johnson is not a person because “it” would be in prison for life based on the “3 crimes you’re out rule”. Instead, as you so aptly put it in your Sociopathic Business Model, they promote the perpetrators to higher positions within their company and continue their crimes and fraud. Incredible one company can do so much harm to so many. #JNJRICO #cleanupyourmeshJNJ

    March 10, 2015 at 10:08 pm
  • #JNJ The crimes just keep on coming.

    October 6, 2015 at 3:45 pm

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