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JNJ & NFL: The Sociopathic Business Model™

JNJ & NFL: The Sociopathic Business Model™

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September 18, 2014


Johnson & Johnson 2013 Shareholders Report (yep that’s over 48,000 lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson)

If a company is willing to overlook employee’s EEOC rights: Race, Sex, Religion or allow Retaliation  we now know that far greater unethical and illegal behavior is happening within in the organization.


Perhaps Johnson & Johnson Hurts Women  can help the battered wives of the NFL with a NFL Hurts Women group. Child death and child abuse and sales are going up-maybe it’s time for us all to wake up!

Hey Mr. DOJ Large

Yes and the USDOJ you all need to wake the fuck up too!

How can any company have over 48,000 law suits, kill children and not have an executive in jail!? 

Do Holder, Gorsky, and Goodell all have a Tuesday night poker game? 

One thing I do know is that heads of both companies (actually all three) need to be removed or this illegal and unethical behavior will continue to be encouraged, replicated and rewarded. Are we waiting for an NFL player to kill his wife? Or Alex Gorsky to kill his? And if you don’t think this model is correct, then why does Ray Rice even think he has a right to petition for his job back?

I disagee with Mr. Goodell’s idea that he doesn’t think he needs to retire I think both Roger Goodell and Alex Gorsky both need to be fired immediatly. Send a message to both industries that this behavior won’t be tolerated and start forcing some accountability.

If you are at all outraged by how sociopathic both organziations are and would like to help a large group of 28,000 Johnson & Johnson mesh victims (as well as  this weekend, please help lend your voice and support all mesh victims.

Feel free to run the rest of this through The Sociopathic Business Model™-I don’t think anyone will be too shocked at how many characterisitcs apply.




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