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JNJ Hip Victims Stay Strong: Johnson & Johnson Wins First Hip Lawsuit

JNJ Hip Victims Stay Strong: Johnson & Johnson Wins First Hip Lawsuit

October 23, 2014

Keep Fighting

#JNJ Hip Victims

#BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson paying $3 BILLION on HIP RECALL   <—-If you do not agree with today’s decision #GetActive and Boycott all of JNJ products to lend your support to the victims.

Bloomberg is reporting that Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes* won the first of their more than 6,000 lawsuits for Pinnacle hips today.

The ULTAMET artificial hips sold by JNJ’s DePuy subsidiary as part of its Pinnacle line of implants had no design defects and the company properly warned patients and doctors about the devices’ risks, jurors in federal court in Dallas concluded today. U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade of Dallas is to oversee the cases.

While this is devastating news for the victim Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli and her family let’s remember the tactics used in The Sociopathic Business Model™ as the loss in this case will likely be used as a manipulation from attorneys for the other 6,000 cases to try and get victims to settle quickly (which is what Johnson & Johnson wants). 

This is still not a win for Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Synthes as it still brings to light each time that there are over 6,000 other cases and they had to recall another  93,000 (12% failure) from another ASR hips.  Each one of these cases (win or lose) damages the image of Johnson & Johnson and that eventually leads to loss in profits. Once profits are lost it will force accountability from the company.  If you are a JNJ hip victim do not buy any JNJ products, if you are a JNJ Mesh victim do not buy any JNJ products and #GetActive and vocal about it. Attorneys will tell you it can hurt your case-how can telling the truth hurt your case?** 

If you’ve been victimized by JNJ do not become re-victimized during your case. Weigh the facts and do not let fear or intimidation from anyone sway what you know too be right.  


Just because one jury found that there was no design defect does not mean that the other 6,000 juries will find the same way.  Look at the recent mesh cases as an example the first case did not find the device to be defective the the second did.

Judge Goodwin Expresses Confusion? ‘Gold Standard’ or Defective? | Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk

How we can have a “Gold Standard” and a “Standard of Care”  meaning the TVT-O, transvaginal device used to treat incontinence,  and at the same time a  device that is “unreasonably dangerous” which it must be proven under strict liability law. How can a device when used by a physician be negligent in its design and manufacture?

Hey wait, is Judge Goodwin saying that Johnson & Johnson is using inconsistent and contradictory language to action regarding mesh? Sounds like Judge Goodwin needs to give Judge Kinkeade a call and school him on logic and fact based evidence.

Don’t become devastated by today’s ruling get pissed and keep fighting! 



*Note to all media please use the parent company as well as all subsidiaries when discussing legal actions in order to not allow companies distance from their unethical and or illegal behavior.


**This is not legal advice it is logic based reasoning


*Note to all media please use the parent company as well as all subsidiaries  when disucssing legal actions to not allow corrupt companies to distance from unethical and or illegal behavior.

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