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Janay Palmer Rice is STILL a Victim of Ray Rice’s Abuse

Janay Palmer Rice is STILL a Victim of Ray Rice’s Abuse

September 9, 2014

Rice and Palmer

Watch this video and if you don’t then you may not fully understand the depths of abuse Janay Palmer Rice, the now wife of Ray Rice faced and will continue to face in light of his recent NFL indefinite suspension.

Warning the image is graphic.


This is not sensational-this is Janay Palmer Rice’s reality; and, sadly many more women like her. A very good question was raised today by someone whose opinion I respect and who also happens to be of the opposite sex (a self-proclaimed reformed chauvinist (every male should have daughters-his words not mine). He asked why would this woman keep defending this man? It’s a good question and at face value the answer seems obvious-you cannot defend the indefensible.  That’s true-but let’s remember what he did when he thought no one was looking and what may happen again behind closed doors. What we saw was the physical abuse but that’s not accounting for the constant fear and emotional abuse that wears and tears on a woman as well.

This site has already questioned if the NFL is operating under The Sociopathic Business Model™  first regarding the Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin  harassment and retaliation case and again when NFL draft pick Michael Sam hugged his same sex partner with negative comments from other NFL players (a corporation not recognizing the EEOC rights of an employee can very likely be the trigger to exposing far greater unethical or illegal activity). There is question as to when the NFL commissioner saw the video and why only after public outcry did it move from a two game suspension to now the indefinite suspension?  Not unlike startups where there’s billions that ride on a season (or a product) a blind eye is often turned from executives who are tasked with generating profit at all costs.

Again why we often see these type of cases settle quickly and quietly behind closed doors as was the case with Incognito who is now able to return to the NFL after one season suspension.  We can no longer allow two known corrupt entities to negotiate behind closed doors on behalf of the people.  Social media is an excellent way to bring about #ForcedAccountability and why we must all work to continue to put pressure on the NFL commissioner to get #RayRiceNFLBannedForLife. And personally I do not think Conginito should have been allowed back in the league as well.


If Ray Rice is also operating under the same suspected model as his employer the NFL, he will not take accountability for his actions leading to his downfall but rather likely blame the victim (his now wife Janay) for the fall- out from his actions which hopefull through #ForcedAccountability will end his career in the NFL. You know who else probably already knows this? Janay Palmer Rice, who even in the defense of her husband, (which should be more clear to the intelligent reader that fear and hopeless likely drive this woman) is still a victim and needs love, support and help, not blame.

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