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Is There A Difference Between Killing With A Pill or Pistol?

Is There A Difference Between Killing With A Pill or Pistol?


The CBS television show Criminal Minds follows a team of profilers who are part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ( FBI’s)  Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) under the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).  They certainly are a wordy group, thank goodness for acronyms, right?

The NCAVC consists of four units:

  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 1 (counterterrorism, arson and bombing matters);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 2 (threats, cyber, white collar crime, and public corruption);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 3 (crimes against children);
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit 4 (crimes against adults).

In researching The Sociopathic Business Model ™, I came across an interesting article which explained that New York FBI agents from the BAU2 who specialized in helping local police track down serial killers, were now using their expertise in behavioral profiling to target white collar criminals like Bernie Madoff.

This intrigued me because just as I was trying to demonstrate a business organization could take on characteristics of a sociopath, the FBI was been consulting with their colleagues in New York who specialize in securities fraud detective work to prove a similar psychopathy between the two groups.  Anything that validates a point or argument was going to be helpful, or so I thought.

The article gives the idea context by putting it in movie terms:  Gordon Gekko (insider trading from the movie Wall Street) to Hannibal Lecter (serial killer from Silence of the Lambs) and compare similarities.   My idea was to take this data and then apply it to a business model.

“This originally started out as an attempt to find a way to prevent and detect Ponzi schemes,” said Peter Grupe, the FBI’s assistant special agent in New York in charge of white collar investigations. “But it developed into something broader.”

The FBI’s profiling strategies are part of an aggressive new approach to financial crimes. Facing widespread criticism over the lack of criminal cases stemming from the financial crisis, the FBI and federal prosecutors are keen on showing that they are not soft on white collar offenses.

So far I’m tracking with the FBI on this, and then:

The goal here isn’t so much to prevent a financial crime from occurring but to make investigations more productive,” says Mark Hilts, head of the FBI’s BAU-2, the eight-member group that is overseeing the white collar offender project. “There is no one template for what constitutes a serial killer and the same applies to the white collar world. What we try to do is look at things through the lens of the offender. ”

What?  Fact based evidence over time is the best indicator of the future.  This same type of profiling should absolutely be used in white collar crimes and more specifically to any company suspected of supporting The Sociopathic Business Model.  To put it in ‘clinical terms’ if we can diagnosis a problem we can fix the problem and prevent it from happening again and here’s an example:  I broke my leg.  I know how to prevent that from happening again.  Not walk down stairs with 5 inch platform heels, carrying hot tea and an open computer.  I get I’m trying to get people to apply a complex cerebral concept to a business model and can’t navigate steps without breaking a leg probably doesn’t do a lot to help (but I think you get the point and JD you’re officially off the hook-as much as he may have wanted to-he did not push me).  (And thanks to my jackass friends who sent pictures like the one below after my broken leg).

falling off of heels

“An important part of what we do is victimology,” said Susan Kossler, a longtime BAU agent, who is working closely with Hilts on the white collar profiling project. “Looking at the victims tells you a lot about the offender.”  The FBI profilers expect to gain potentially even more insight from victims of white collar crimes because they still around to tell their side of the story.  Are They?

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