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Is the NFL Operating Under a Sociopathic Business Model ™?

Is the NFL Operating Under a Sociopathic Business Model ™?


Jonathan Martin, of the Miami Dolphins, states he ‘felt trapped,’* and he is not alone in the way he was treated at work.  Many of us have experienced the same treatment.  His case is more high profile, and no less real than the other 38,000 who filed EEOC claims last year.

Arguably, that number is much higher but employees fear further retaliation and therefore do not report the illegal behavior. All of this gives rise to a much bigger problem spanning from the NFL to Johnson and Johnson, where organizations are possibly operating under a Sociopathic Business Model .

There are two major problems within the workplace today:

Employees are alarmingly unhappy despite being reminded by management, unemployment is at an all-time high and they should be grateful to have job.

Employees on one side of a topic and management on the other is not unique.  While accountability, productivity, marketability and profitability all suffer, again not unique.



The Problem:

Corporations are operating more like corrupt monarchies,

where illegal behavior is encouraged, replicated and rewarded.

King (CEO) demands loyal subjects (employees) do as they’re told (even if it’s illegal, especially if it’s illegal) or it’s off with their heads!

  • Retaliated against for not remaining ‘loyal’
  • Views employees as accomplices until no longer needed and all accomplices eventually become victims




The Solution

MMpiHer Method™ (pronounced Empire), is a three month sales, marketing and management program designed to increase your company’s accountability, productivity, marketability and profitability—ethically.  In short, nobody wins until everybody wins, which is also the company motto.

MmpiHer Method’s™ proprietary system, working with your entire team, determines the necessary changes (first month), helps to fully implement those changes (second month), and provides the necessary tools for your team to become self-sufficient while successfully replicating the process (third month).  Our team is a resource for life, and the quarterly tune ups, will help your team quickly identify, and fix potential weaknesses before they become problems.
The MMpiher Method™ permanently and drastically improves the overall work environment, regardless of industry or the size of the company.  The beta test* 1.5 years after the program:

  • 40%    Total employee accountability increased
  • 25%    Total employee productivity increased
  • 45%    Company marketability increased
  • 30%    Total revenue increased
  • 97%    Total employee retention
  • 95%    Positive customer feedback
  • 100%  Current employees recommend their company as a great place to work

*Results from hard data and or independent anonymous employee survey.

MMpiHer Method™ :

  • Recognizes the importance of properly training managers.
  • Addresses, reduces and prevents the high cost of employee turnover.
  • Reduces and eventually eliminates negative or illegal behavior within the company.
  • The design of the program protects, both employees and employers by adding mutual increased accountability, ethically.
  • Continually and quickly incorporates changes while testing the website during each phase of the three month build. This process ensures all areas of the business will be able to support the website, quickly adapt to changes, and identify and fix problems as they arise.
  • Proprietary program quickly identifies areas of profit growth, while uniquely engaging all employees for implementation; and providing the necessary tools to replicate successfully.

Contact: info@mmpiher.com or visit the site for more details www.mmpiher.com


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