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Is Erin Brockovich using the Women of Bayer’s Essure as Image Rehab?

Is Erin Brockovich using the Women of Bayer’s Essure as Image Rehab?

September 16, 2014





Erin Brockovich is best known for her instrumental role in 1993 which brought a case against Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in the self-titled film that starred Julia Roberts.  Since then Brockovich penned two books the last being Rock Bottom published in 2011.

“The phrase “cashing in” comes to mind. Shame, shame. If there were an Environmental Protection Agency for literature, this novel would be cited for reckless contamination of a genre.” Washington Post


Brockovich made media headlines again when she was arrested for a boating DUI in June 2013. I guess Rock Bottom wasn’t really  the bottom?

While I was doing research on the medical mesh, that’s been implanted in tens of thousands of women causing harm, I came across that Erin Brockovich is the spokesperson against Bayer’s Essure.

Erin Brockovich Leads Fight Against Birth Control Procedure Essure – ABC News October 10, 2013

“There’s something wrong with the device, in my opinion,” Brockovich said. “It’s a form of permanent birth control, and women’s organs are being perforated … It’s ridiculous that at any level we try to defend this. If 30 women did suffer harm for unknown reason, we’d investigate. We have thousands injured. I don’t think it’s safe.”

Brockovich said she has no financial stake in the outcome of this campaign.

erin-brockovich Twitter Images

Twitter Images of Erin Brockovich

Why are no Essure Images coming up with Ms. Brockovich?

PRSpinUnSpun did a good job of taking her DUI picture down but didn’t replace any with Essure? 

I have no doubt Brockovich has no financial gain and I have no dobut Brockovich hitched her damaged image to a group of women she thought could help rehab her image. In comparision, Jane Akre who has been very vocal about Johnson & Johnson’s mesh mess ups , Erin Brockovich has no twitter presense, her image is on websites but her voice and ability to impact is all but silent.  She should be in the media daily fighting for these women.  She seems to be there for an occasional photo op (image rehab), an occasional quote but is clearly not working on behalf of these women.

erin-brockovich Twitter Personal Page

Wow-Brockovich’s last Tweet was August 5, 2014 and not even about Bayer’s Essure.  No where on her verified Twitter account she mention spefically that she’s an advocate for the women who were harmed by Bayer’s Essure.  Ms. Brockovich if you’re going to use these injured women to rehab your image maybe you should at least do more than just show up for the photo ops and actually do some of the work to help them. Your name alone does no good for anyone (including you, Rock Bottom tanked in book sales).

In fact I’m going to make this easy on you and help you out with your weekend plans at the same time: Help these women that you claim you help by getting involved in their Twitter campaign. They need more than a pretty face they need a loud voice. They’ve been let down by Bayer already don’t you let them down too.

erin-brockovich not doing her part for the Essure women

Opinions expressed are my own and not from any of the women who have been harmed by Bayer’s Essure or any of the women of this group. As an advocate I’d expect more from you Ms. Brockovich, these women may not, but I do.


  • Pastor Jim

    I guess having Julia Roberts play you in a movie goes a long way toward giving you “face validity” (pun fully intended). I think Ms. Brockovich is making a good living just…playing at…being…that good person that Julia Roberts once played at. If you google “Ellen Brockovich speaker fee” and consider that she also does “consulting” for Big Legal, you quickly realize that she’ll probably back anything about which there’s a whiff of consumer concern and which has the potential to ultimately translate to dollars in her pocket. My guess is that’s how she spends her weekends: backing those good causes that enrich her.

    September 17, 2014 at 9:22 am
  • Pastor Jim

    Yeah. The way I read it was “Erin Brokovich should be able and willing to do more for these victims.” I would think that being in business, she would be more willing to loudly criticize public utilities, cities, towns, states and corporations involved in environmentally unfriendly operations…than she would a large lawyered-up, much-beloved corporation like J&J.

    September 18, 2014 at 5:56 am

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