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InsideEVs Love Letter to the Feds: Tesla #ProfessionalVictims Help DOJ Criminal Investigation

InsideEVs Love Letter to the Feds: Tesla #ProfessionalVictims Help DOJ Criminal Investigation

Updated: May 22, 2019

#Consumer #Alert If you know someone thinking about buying a Tesla please go to http://tesladeaths.com , especially if #Autopilot is a deciding factor. $TSLA
Research comparable car make & model:
years on market
annual units sold
deaths per year
fire deaths
single car deaths
to avoid being victims of #TheSociopathicBusinessModel #FraudFormula
Any factual information is good information, it’s what you choose to with as consumers that matters.

April 22, 2019

Disclosure: I have no financial position in Tesla (long or short). I write about and expose fraud.

InsideEVs published a video from Ben Sullins of Teslanomics titled, Tesla Haters: Here’s An Open Letter in Video Form To Wake You Up. 

H/T @TeslaCharts

Nothing, well almost nothing, makes me happier than when people defend a company currently under the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal investigation.  The public (and the defenders of fraud) have been warned things are (ahem) amiss at Tesla.

So, critiquing Tesla $TSLA #ProfessionalVictims who misappropriate the word haters for what’s really #ForcedAccountability is a sport or hobby or under The Sociopathic Business Model©, a Case Study. And people accuse me of note having enough fun.

1 publicly exposing negative truthful corporate information, to prevent harm to others

2 federal legal intervention, with the goal of putting executives in federal prison

creates positive change for victims of fraud while holding the pathologically unaccountable #ProfessionalVictim CEOs & executives accountable.

Fraud exists in companies like Tesla because it’s built into the business model; but, fraud persists because companies like InsideEv  promote Ben Sullins of Teslanomics.  The Sociopathic Business Model©.

Keep in mind:

Image v Substance

Branding v Marketing

Unethical v Ethical

Illegal v Legal

Let’s break down Ben Sullin’s (BSlove letter to the feds, that currently has 99,000 views and climbing. Grab a snack and play along I’m doing this one live.

Oh, and who’s gonna tell Ben that DOJ & FBI are on his list of haters?

BS: You’re angry about the wrong things.

Nope, people exposing fraud that is harming employees, consumers, shareholders & taxpayers are the right things to be angry about, Ben

BS: Most, if not all of those arguments, are missing the points


BS: What people care about…performance, styling and price

Oh Ben, you forgot the most important…safety. So did Tesla it appears. 

BS: the safest one ever tested

Flag on the play Ben, NHTSA says there is NO safest. That’s false, misleading and deceptive.  

BS: Efficiency specs for all electric cars

Interesting to note Ben did not pick out just Tesla stats but used industry stats. How efficient is it when the Tesla is in the shop for months? That’s inconsistent and contradictory to the title. 

BS: Argues electric cars are still better for the environment

yet the titled of his love letter to the feds is only in defense of Tesla and a CEO who takes a G-6 airplane to the convenience store?

BS: really amazing driving experience

I’m just gonna leave this right here: https://twitter.com/search?q=TeslaServiceIssues&src=typd

BS: Tesla or Tezzzzla smile

Image v Substance, something CEO Elon Musk also focuses on pathologically. 

BS cars that cost millions of dollars & aren’t even in the same ballpark

lack of factual information to support the claims is false & misleading 

BS You can’t argue that Teslas aren’t better performing cars than any other cars in their categories

Hmmm I think most consumers want cars that work consistently 

BS styling (admits it’s subjective) good boy.

Image v Substance again, hey I’m starting to see a pattern here. It looks good, who cares if it works consistently? 

BS insulting & demeaning people who have a different preference (#SelectiveTolerancB)

It’s nice when people who support The Sociopathic Business Model© hit more than one characteristic of abusive behavior when defending a company. When they think their opinion qualifies as fact or justifies insulting or demeaning those who have a differing opinion. 

BS no kind of wonky things rolling around

The wheels of Tesla are often known as whompy. Misappropriating a similar word negatively associated with a brand is often a way to re-write the SEO for a company through third-party PR firms. 


BS even take a test drive

Really? CEO Elon Musk was offering incentives to people if they didn’t test drive. So is this an ad for Tesla? (I’ll add links to support after live updates) 

BS saying a $35,000 (ha) Tesla Model 3 won’t compare to a Buggati. And only people who drive a $2 million car are allowed to not like the interior of a Tesla. Has this tool been in ANY luxury car?

Thanks captain obvious. Smug, insulting & demeaning of people who don’t want day-glow pleather white seats

BS Inconsistently contradicts saying his #SelectiveToleranceB of loving the interior of the Tesla

should not allow anyone else to have a differing opinion. In my opinion the interior of the Tesla is ugly. Also, the interior of a Tesla is the LEAST of the companies many and growing problems. 

BS cheaper variations (of Tesla)

Jeezus, has no one told you it’s *less expensive* not cheaper, you shill. 

BS when you add in the true cost of ownership…depreciation

Ben did not get the Tesla brainwashing memo from cult leader CEO Elon Musk

“Buying a car today is an investment into the future. I think the most profound thing is that if you buy a Tesla today, I believe you are buying an appreciating asset – not a depreciating asset.” Elon Musk, April 12, 2019 

BS he cites fuel & maintenance costs of a BMW Model 3 in comparison to Tesla Model 3

without any maintenance data on the Tesla Model 3. Show me car insurance data that supports your claims, otherwise it’s someone’s opinion again sold as fact. This is dangerous to consumers. 

BS Tesla is planning on having their Fully Self-Driving FSD software feature complete by the end of 2019

NOPE, NOPE, and did I mention NOPE.

This is not be being a hater, this is fact-based evidence over time which is a good indicator of the future.

THIS is why people are angry about the RIGHT things, Ben.  Tesla AutoPilot has already been linked to preventable deaths and the companies false claims (they’ve changed the language for regulators once) is false and misleading to consumers and the unsuspecting public. Shilling vaporware death isn’t a good look Ben. 

BS Only a matter of time before…400,000 Teslas on the road are practically self-driving

THIS is the equivalent of the unsuspecting public playing Russian Roulette each time they get on the road with a Tesla. Especially since CEO Elon Musk, went on 60 Minutes and off-label promoted the feature. 

BS promoting smart summon (or Batman mode as he calls it) without identifying the dangers of using it.


Side note, watching this insufferable, smug shill is more painful than I imaged. A 15 minute video feels like six hours. No joke. 

BS over the air updates, something really no one else has done.

With good reason. Elon Musk, gives zero fucks about the safety of consumers or the unsuspecting public. He views loss of life via beta testing as all part of the innovation. The Sociopathic Business Model© knows unethical companies engaged in illegal activity use innovation as a manipulation to evade the law which which needlessly harms or kills. 

BS laptop or phone

Yeah, last I checked, over the air updates for laptops and phones haven’t killed anyone. 

BS send you new features…that didn’t exist before

to be tested for the FIRST time on public roads…what could possibly go wrong? 

BS (interior of the car) will never get above 105 degrees F.

Again, what could possibly go wrong? 

BS Atari games, Romance mode, or Fart mode

More image v substance again. Elon Musk has a pathological history of unethically branding image-based products to distract from the lack of substance which is harming or killing consumers. 

BS Tesla capture the imagination of kids

First, kids don’t drive. Second, Tesla, who along with CEO Elon Musk, who are under DOJ criminal investigation, should not be re-branded by #ProfessionalVictims for saving the world. Fraud costs employees their jobs, consumers their health or lives, and shareholders and taxpayers billions. 


Unethical companies engaged in illegal behavior, like Tesla, encourage others to replicate their false claims and reward them which encourages others to do the same. This is dangerous trend and one I hope the DOJ & FBI looks closely at via federal subpoenas. It’s time to determine if some of these #ProfessionalVictims are in fact complicit with encouraging, replicating and rewarded Tesla fraud.

I know this video was made to *wake up* Tesla Haters; but it’s the #ProfessionalVictims that clearly need to be woke.


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