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How Would You Like Your Eggs? Frozen

How Would You Like Your Eggs? Frozen

October 16, 2014

Frozen Eggs 1

Images from Cafe Johnsonia

#PRSPin Employee Egg Freezing

Earlier this week it was released that Facebook and Apple are offering egg freezing to female employees as an employee perk.

Frozen Eggs 2

Images from Cafe Johnsonia

#PRSpinUnSpun  Employee Egg Freezing

As someone who worked in a male dominated startup field where the mentality was any day ending in “y” was a work day and you didn’t take vacation if you weren’t personally hitting quota or until the Region was hitting quota: Egg Freezing is nothing more than an employer manipulating the rights of their employees and is a form of sex discrimination to those companies who operate under The Sociopathic Business Model™.  Women are already viewed as a liability during their productive years  under this model and those who choose to have children opposed to freeze their eggs (like a good little employees) will likely be retaliated against (illegally passed up for promotions, wrongfully terminated) under The Sociopathic Business Model™. 

Although it did give me an idea for a Halloween costume: The Apple or Facebook Health Plan: Frozen Egg

The perfect costume for those women who still like to dress like a princess (?) with a twist of irony carry eggs in a basket or cover in fake egg.

Disney Frozen

And if you work at Apple or Facebook you may want make yourself familiar with the checklist below and see if any other tactics are used on employees.


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