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Has the FDA Found a Way to #PissOffThePope? Bayer’s Essure has some Big Problems

Has the FDA Found a Way to #PissOffThePope? Bayer’s Essure has some Big Problems

August 1, 2015

#FDAFuckUps Found a way to #PissOffThePope

#FDAFuckUps Found a Way to #PissOffThePope



The injured patients turned victims from Bayer’s Essure finally got a date with the FDA for what they thought was to discuss a recall.  The FDA will not discuss a recall at the meeting, despite over 9,000 memember of Essure Problems patient advocacy group lobbying for the device removal; and, to add insult to the already injured’s injuries the FDA knowingly and willfully gave the injured Bayer victims the date of September 24 which coincides with Pope Francis’ first ever papal address to Congress.

HEY FDA that’s one helluva way to #PissOffThePope and insure Bayer’s Essure victims get mad as hell and send you there!

Bayer & FDA #PissOfThePope September 24 #GoToHell


  • Hope McFarland

    What is the point of view the meeting the,k if not to discuss recall? Do they even plan to consider removing Bayer’s pre-emptive status? If not, what is the point? To placate the victims? Is this meeting just for show in order for the FDA to save face by giving the impression that they are taking victim statements seriously all the while thinking ny putting on this dog and pony show hoping we will go away? We will NOT go away!!!!!!!!!!

    August 1, 2015 at 11:48 pm

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