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Google PRSpin UnSpun: Executive Forrest (Tim) Hayes & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Google PRSpin UnSpun: Executive Forrest (Tim) Hayes & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Updated April 4, 2017 Feds Detain Prostitute, Alix Tichelman, Who Gave Google Exec, Forrest (Tim) Hayes Fatal Drug Shot

Federal immigration officials have detained a California prostitute after she completed a jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the accidental heroin overdose of a Google executive she was entertaining aboard his yacht. AP

UPDATED Below:  May 19, 2015

#Google Censorship is manipulation

Updated: January 25, 2015


Google, it appears is doing whatever it can to remove their former deceased executive Forrest Hayes who died of a drug overdose with a prostitute from the internet like it’s EU and the right to be forgotten.  Except this isn’t Europe and Google’s potential censorship is unethical manipulation of the facts and a tactic right out of The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Deletion of Forrest Hayes Wiki page 1 25 2015

And then the sites SEO gets re-routed after every visit from Google.

Google 1 25 2015 Forrest Tim Hayes

A recent 48 Hours piece on Alix Tichelman who was the last to see Forrest Tim Hayes alive has sparked interest in the story again.  While it’s recognized this story is devastating for Mr. Hayes’ family this site often looks at patterns of executive’s behavior as it relates to their companies to determine if tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ are being used as it relates to unethical and or illegal behavior which in turn creates potentially consumer, employee and taxpayer victims.  Mr. Hayes’ actions though regrettable were his actions and ultimately made him a victim, his actions which led to his death should not be wiped from the internet just because he was an executive at Google.

The unethical and illegal behavior from male executives in their personal lives bleeds over into their professional. Mr. Hayes’ demeaning and insulting  view of women lends to a much larger narrative of sexism that’s entrenched in today’s business model. We’ve seen it with AOL, Tinder, Living Social, and many starups and why I disagree with Wikipedia deleting articles on Forrest Tim Hayes.

July 15, 2014

Google Gone Wrong 2

The “right to be forgotten” is a controversial practice in Europe that now allows those with questionable pasts to try and distance themselves from accountability by having such negative informtion removed from the internet.  This is a bad idea on a lot of levels; but, I didn’t think we’d see it here in the US.  That is unless of course you were a fucked up “family man married for 17 years with 5 kids” and an executive at Google, Forrest (Tim) Hayes, who was found dead of a heroin overdose administered by a prostitute on the family boat named Escape.  And we can keep trying to dress this pig of a story up but Escape is for sale for $345,000 along with the family home; and, maybe referring to it as a yacht makes getting killed by a drug toting pro appear classier-but the obituary refers to it as a boat.

Google Gone Wrong 3


The victims in this story are many but not Forrest Timothy Hayes, he acted without remorse shame or guilt (as this wasn’t the only working girl he was employing), he did not recognize the rights of others which hardly makes him a family man.  The-Sociopathic-Business-Model™

A lot of this story doesn’t add up via Google Search Engine:  Hayes died November 23, 2013, the announcement wasn’t posted until January 12, 2014 and most hadn’t heard of it until a recent arrest was made in his death.  I understand wanting to protect an innocent wife and young family; but, had this been someone for AOL would the page have been scrubbed?  There are only two pictures of him online and any connection to Google is only referenced in articles.

And as stated all along Glass (by Google) didn’t know their audience and now we know why-the executive was fucking pros and doing smack-most people doing that don’t want it recorded.  Lucky for him though he had the boat wired with cloud saved footage, which is how the police were able to identify and arrest Alix Tichelman who walked over his dying body as she exited sipping her wine.  So yeah-she’s not saint either; but, we have to stop with the hero worship and re-writing of history of his “family man.”

Google Gone Wrong 5

Google Gone Wrong


All the recent stories lately of how men treat women in Silicon Valley ,Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes’ story doesn’t do much to dispel the mentality thought by many of his peers that women are disposable.  Babak Parviz, the Google executive behind the development of Google Glass, also announced his departure  (in a less dramatic fashion than Hayes) to  join Amazon.

UPDATED: May 19, 2015

Tough couple of years for Google executives who worked on Google’s Glass or executives in Silicon Valley.  


Defense attorney Larry Biggam said Tichelman was relieved to have the court proceedings behind her and she is expected to serve only three years. She will be credited for nearly a year already served.

That’s certainly tidy.

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