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Google Grudge: Gods Among Mere Mortals

Google Grudge: Gods Among Mere Mortals

UPDATED: August 21, 2014 (below original story)

August 6, 2014



Google did an excellent job not once but twice in burying the story of their executive Forrest Tim Hayes who died back in November 2013 of a heroine drug overdose; and, again the news this past July that he died while in the company of a prostitute. Both stories via Google SEO are buried on the internet. And look who’s been checking out the site? And look at what story they spent the most time on during the day of July 28, 2014.


This week it’s been reported that Google helped catch a child sex offender by tipping off police of  images on a gmail account. That’s great news and no one would ever argue against that the safety of a child comes above all else including privacy; but, it does pose an interesting question about privacy and Google’s role with the NSA.  Is Google acting on their own or are they still in bed with the NSA?


Much like concerns over the NSA trolling law abiding citizen’s accounts and turning up nothing more than nude selfies, does Google have the right to troll accounts without court orders?  And is the NSA to blame for Google’s god-like actions?  Again, Google did the right thing by turning in the sex offender-no question; and, I operate under the impression everything I do on the internet and through email is monitored because it likely is.   A little fact based evidence with a healthy dose of paranoia; but, it doesn’t make it right or lawful.


Maybe it’s just employees who know more about The Sociopathic Business Model™ than they’d care to admit, maybe it was an employee doing as their employer asked  even if unethical or they feared losing their job, and maybe I’ll never know. (If that’s the case I will protect any employee that wants to come forward with information).

But do we want Google or anyone to have power over what information we’re allowed to read by manipulating SEO on a whim; and, if Google doesn’t like it they retaliate against those who disagree with their philosophy?  What is their philosophy again?  That’s right, it’s “Don’t be evil,” as previously pointed out by a reader.  Anyone else concerned the company had to actually remind themselves not to be evil?  Yep, me too. Thanks NSA I think we have you to blame for Google Gods.

Another strange death at Google or another murder?  Rajeev Motwani’s mood manipulation and ranking system may have gotten him killed.

UPDATED:  Will there be another drop in visits now that this happened?  Google’s cache

Google Cache

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