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Google Gods: Employee Scams Undergrad into Sending Nude Pictures

Google Gods: Employee Scams Undergrad into Sending Nude Pictures

October 25, 2014

ValleyWag Google Internet Technology Resident FBI

Google employee, 23-three-year-old Nicholas Rotundois

This site often mentions concerns over Google’s highly publicized romance with the NSA, where private emails were illegally read and the  combined ability to manipulate SEO in order to control or suppress information we receive,  justify those concerns.  Both organizations are employing tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™.  Although it’s tough to tell which is the accomplice/victim, in this unlikely love affair; but, the inevitable will happen and it’s not a matter of “if” it’s “when” it happens.  That’s going to be one ugly breakup.


If employees of the NSA are looking at naked selfies of innocent victims it’s not reasonable to think that Google employees have also done the same outside of government work and start to justify their lawlessness by upping the ante.  Those concerns were validated again by the FBI who are investigating Google employee, 23-three-year-old Nicholas Rotundois, in an extortion plot that involves his sending threatening emails soliciting female undergrads to send topless pictures for a fake medical study.  ValleyWag

Perhaps Rotundois, an Internet Technology resident at Google was inspired by the recently reported 2010 government creation of a fake Facebook page of a real person, Sondra Price, to attract criminals except he was using it

The upsides here if there are any:  maybe the NSA is watching the Google Gods to check their unethical and illegal behavior, at least Google employee Nicholas Rotundois was caught before his actions could be encouraged, replicated and rewarded by moving up the ranks at Google, and he’s facing multiple cyberstalking laws, prison time and has to remain off the internet until his court date.

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