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Glass Spin Unspun-Did Google Miss Projections because the Don’t Know their Customer? Jason Jones Edition

Glass Spin Unspun-Did Google Miss Projections because the Don’t Know their Customer? Jason Jones Edition

Google Glass



Whether you love the idea of Google’s new tech eyewear Glass or hate it today was the only day it was available to the general public. Except it’s not.  And here’s likely why: guessing projections are off because they don’t know their customer.    Google is not releasing the total number sold however we’re told white/cotton sold out cotton and as of Tuesday afternoon there were still red, blue, gray and black options available. (weird it would stand to reason if it was such a hit they’d want to shut down the negative press with stellar numbers).  And having worked retail for years black is always the most (internally) ordered of the full color run because it’s usually the first sold out and since that color didn’t sell out I have a feeling there are a lot of Glass on a shelf collecting dust.  And maybe the Glassholes are the executives at Google who better figure out who their customers are and soon.

Glass sales projections are $10.5 billion by 2018.  Projections aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if there isn’t a realistic growth model in place. Their executives may want to read this story.  And we all know what happens when the salesforce doesn’t meet  unrealistic  projections: lack of accountability from management, motivation through fear, pathological lying, lack of shame or guilt, creating an unhappy work environment.

It will be interesting to see how Google spins the sales or likely lack of and if someone internally will leak a memo about dismal sales in the coming days.  I’d also be curious to learn the gender ratio for the purchase and it they were purchased for business, pleasure or both.. Look at the history of 3-D printing to get a better understanding of where Glass is a good fit initially.

And today from Google:

“ We were getting through our stock faster than we expected, so we decided to shut the store down,” says a Google Glass spokesperson. “While you can still access the site, Glass will be marked as sold out. We are leaving the site open so Explorers can still get any accessories they need.”

Remember to challenge when you see certain words or phrases as they are  usually PR spin and lack of transparency coupled with inconsistent and contradictory words to actions usually proves there’s more to a story.

In sales you either are sold out or you’re not.  But being marked as sold out is not the same.

And who decides to shut a store down if they’re really going towards a true sell out?

It’s likely they don’t want employees reporting back to the media that sales were (as we projected) a bust!

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