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Don’t Boycott the NFL: Boycott Raven’s Sponsors Until the NFL Fires Roger Goodell

Don’t Boycott the NFL: Boycott Raven’s Sponsors Until the NFL Fires Roger Goodell

November 28, 2014

#ForcedAccountability NFL

#BannedForLife Roger Goodell & Ray Rice 

#Boycott M & T Bank until the NFL Fires  #Goodell

Boycott M & T Bank Until The NFL Fires Rice & Goodell

M & T Bank Stadium home of the Raven’s

Ray Rice of the Baltimore Raven’s won his appeal to overturn his lifetime suspension after a tape surfaced showing he knocked his then fiancé unconscious.  Former U.S. Judge Barbara  S. Jones’ decision should in no way be viewed as acceptance of Ray Rice’s illegal behavior towards his now wife, Janay but rather not allowing the NFL to blame shift without taking accountability.

Today’s decision doesn’t make Ray Rice any less guilty or disgusting but it does say that the NFL was complicit with the crime and can’t distance from the crime via lies. Judge Jones is forcing accountability from the NFL and Commissioner Goodell.  Goodell tried to cover up Ray Rice’s illegal behavior and when the tape surfaced he shifted blame.   If Goodell had suspended him for a lifetime in the beginning as he should have this wouldn’t be a problem now but the NFL under Goodell operates under The Sociopathic Business Model™. But since he covered it up and then tried to retaliate after the truth was exposed is exactly why the judge overturned the decision. Now it’s time for the people to force accountability from the NFL.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

As this site often says there are good and bad within every organization and the goal is to reward the ethical while removing the unethical or those engaging in illegal activity as both Ray Rice and Commissioner Goodell have.  Boycotting the entire NFL isn’t the answer but forcing accountability through the owners and sponsors is the answer.

The NFL’s image (tied to profits) will cut ties with anyone who threatens those profits.  NFL Fans need to put pressure on the owners to fire Goodell and Rice; and that can be done by boycotting sponsors who support the NFL (specifically the Raven’s).  NFL owners will protect Goodell to a point but once it cuts into their profits he’ll be fired.

Below are a list of Raven’s sponsors and NFL sponsors.  Remember , the Super Bowl is coming and if NFL fans were boycotting these products (not the game or the players) just not buying these products, we’ll quickly see two problems permanently expelled from the NFL: Goodell & Rice regardless of what the Judge decided today. Rice is no longer with the Raven’s but as we saw with Michael Vick the NFL has a short memory when it comes to crime.

M & T Bank




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