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Did Johnson & Johnson’s Alex Gorsky Divorce the VP of Janssen Title?

Did Johnson & Johnson’s Alex Gorsky Divorce the VP of Janssen Title?

May 31, 2019

Johnson & Johnson‘s subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutical is finally in the news for all the right reasons, #ForcedAccountability for the opioid crisis. Public exposure of negative truthful information to help save others from harm; and, federal legal intervention resulting in product recalls or permanent bans along with executives ending in federal prison:  #ForcedAccountability creates positive change for victims of corporate crimes and forces executives accountable.

Johnson & Johnson’s #SerialKillerCEO Alex Gorsky has a pathological history of knowingly & willingly harming or killing consumers and patients, starting with Janssen’s Risperdal, where he was then promoted after the deaths of 31 children to Chairman & CEO of $JNJ Worldwide.

Meet the current Janssen Pharmaceutical team who should be joining Gorsky in federal prison.

This website is owned and operated by federal whistleblower Melayna Lokosky, who helped the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) recover $18 million from Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Acclarent, remove a dangerous medical device from the worldwide market; and, help convict two executives linked to the healthcare crimes.

February 10, 2014 We see the headlines, we see the billion dollar fines, but it’s understandably tough to make sense of things, especially when transparency is lacking.

JNJ Baseball Cards 2

As someone who has worked in the industry, I started to notice a pattern after a company was found guilty of crimes, subtle and calculated changes were made to the Company image, designed to go unnoticed by the American public.   Watch for companies that change their name to potentially distance themselves from the crime and perhaps in an effort to rewrite history.

Example:  Four former Synthes* executives excluded from federal government contracts is a negative headline.  These executives were also jailed.  Synthes is owned by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, DepPuy.

Now that the crime and fines are behind them from the Johnson & Johnson website:

DePuy Synthes Trauma Launches Radial Head Prosthesis System in the U.S.

Image is everything and SEO is vital to controlling the spin or potential backlash from criminal activities.  So much so that Johnson & Johnson an estimated $20-$30 million last year for their first major ad campaign in over 10 years,  ‘For All You Love.’****

Also look for things that aren’t there anymore.  Like disappearing titles.

Gorsky playing card updated vp

I’ve never met a CEO who wasn’t their own biggest fan. So, the idea that on the Johnson & Johnson website, it makes no mention of Alex Gorsky as Vice President of Sales and Marketing during the bulk of Risperdal sales and lumped into an insignificant ’15 years’ of stuff, could be viewed as an attempt to distance himself from the crime.

JNJ Baseball Cards 3

Again, Alex Gorsky’s name, as a VP of Sales and Marketing at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is linked to a crime.  And, as the post states below, Mr. Gorsky put Risperdal statistics on a resume, did he also add VP of Sales and Marketing on there as well?  Or do we think he just lumped ’15 years’ together?  And, and more shocking still, was promoted during this time, over ALL of Johnson & Johnson as the Company’s CEO.

JNJ Baseball Cards 4

JNJ Baseball Cards 5

As consumers we have choices.  We may not get to vote out CEOs like American Idol (yet), but in the meantime, we can use fact based evidence to determine if a company deceptively tried to distance themselves from crimes and choose to support only ethical companies.

And I’m sure you’re thinking this is just a rare and isolated incident at Johnson & Johnson.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment.

If you don’t agree with Johnson & Johnson’s decision to protect and promote Alex Gorsky then support The Boycott the Band-Aid Campaign and send Johnson & Johnson a message.

February 10, 2014




*** http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/25/business/media/trying-to-burnish-its-image-johnson-johnson-turns-to-emotions.html?_r=0




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