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Criminal Language Deflects from Crimes: Insults & Demeans Truth

Criminal Language Deflects from Crimes: Insults & Demeans Truth

May 28, 2019

Frequently updated: Please feel free to leave examples in the comments sections as a means to help others see the trend of criminal language used to deflect from crimes while insulting & demeaning those exposing the truth.

Abusive corporations engaged in illegal activity, and those that defend them, insult & demean those exposing truth.

Deceptive deflection allows the illegal activity to continue without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability causing escalating harm or death to the public. The Sociopathic Business Model©

It’s a #RedFlag warning for consumers & the public when a company, or those defending a company’s actions, use the following insulting or demeaning words or phrases to describe someone exposing the truth about fraud:

-“You haven’t used the product” or “You don’t even know me.” “Have you even driven one?”

It’s a deceptive manipulation to suggest that someone must own or have experienced the fraud first hand to properly expose it.  That’s not true. This is especially common with Tesla defenders on Twitter. Many of these defenders are strongly suspected as astroturfers, or a third party paid service used to attack truth or victims exposing negative truthful information, via carefully crafted language.  Tesla CEO Elon Musk, desperately wants people to view him as humanitarian, saving the world, an image he created encouraging others to replicate the same language. This image is used to deflect from his lack of substance pathological history of illegal activity that’s actually harming & killing Tesla consumers, through Autopilot and single accident fire deaths.









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