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UPDATED: #SendSnowdenHome Senate Approves NSA Reform Based off Snowden Information

UPDATED: #SendSnowdenHome Senate Approves NSA Reform Based off Snowden Information

UPDATED June 3, 2015


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Two Years After Snowden Leaks, Senate Finally Passes NSA Reform

Hmmm maybe it’s time for Sociopathic Senate to send Snowden home since they wouldn’t have known about the NSA PRISM program to create the necessary NSA reform without his information.  That’s certainly inconsistent & contradictory language to action for the Senate to punish someone who exposed the negative truth the NSA would have rather remained hidden at the expense of all Americans including the Senate.

Updated:  August 16, 2014

CREDO Action — the advocacy wing of small wireless company CREDO — presented the White House with a petition calling on Obama to fire Brennan.

“President Obama must immediately replace him and hold accountable the people responsible for spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee,” the group wrote. The petition, which was launched last week, contained more than 64,500 signatures, according to CREDO Action. The Hill

Good in theory but as pointed out below in the comments, Brennan likely has more than a few insurance policies up his sleeve that will prevent any true forced accountability for him.

CREDO Action’s petition adds to the calls from lawmakers and others.

“As a high-level official in the Bush administration, CIA Director John Brennan publicly embraced and defended the use of torture by the American government,” CREDO Action wrote.

“While we don’t know whether Brennan ordered the CIA to spy on Congress, the CIA under Brennan’s leadership is clearly desperate to cover up its Bush-era torture crimes.”

July 31, 2014

John Brennan

As discussed here often inconsistent and contradictory language to action is a trigger to The Sociopathic Business Model™; and, much of the US Senate was against what Edward Snowden did (both sides of the aisle) regarding leaked NSA information.  Until it was reported that the CIA was spying on Senate; and, suddenly outrage with a healthy dose of “egg on face,”  (March 11, 2014)reinforced The Sociopathic Business Model™ is alive and well in government and that someone needs to send Snowden some flowers, at the very least.

CIA chief John Brennan told Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Vice Chairman Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) about the findings “and apologized to them for such actions by CIA officers,” Boyd added.

Well as long as CIA chief John Brennan apologized (appointed not elected official), all is forgiven, right?  No, it’s time for forced accountability from the CIA and Senate would not have known about the CIA’s illegal activity if it hadn’t have been for Snowden releasing the information.  If Senate does not force accountability on the CIA with deterring factors and penalties then the CIA will continue doing what they’re doing illegally.

Just like in the pharmaceutical world where we hear of companies like Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical paying $2.2 billion but there’s nothing in place other than a corporate integrity agreement  (not worth the paper they’re printed on) to deterring the same company from committing the same crime over and over again without ever any forced accountability with any real deterring factors.  And it looks like Alex Gorsky CEO of Johnson & Johnson Worldwide isn’t letting all the government fines get in his way, he was just elected to IBM’s Board.  With any luck maybe he’ll pull an Ackman and take over IBM because right now he has death and blood on his hands.

It will be interesting to see if CIA chief John Brennan is going out like Medicare chief Jonathan Blum or the Christie aids via Bridgegate, Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner-all without their heads.  Forced Accountability isn’t about removing the minions it’s about removing the head of the beast; but, fact based evidence over time is a good indication  John Brennan better dust off his resume.

  • Pastor Jim

    I think the heads of the CIA, NSA and FBI all have pretty good job security — probably on tape or disk hidden in a nice safe place. Public officials would be leery of trying to can them given what’s probably on those media.

    To me, there’s a one-question litmus test for how you come down on a lot of important issues: “Snowden: traitor or patriot?” If someone answers “traitor”, you probably don’t want to spend too much time talking politics with them, as you’ll most like just be hearing the Wing Nut Echo Chamber being regurgitated in your ear.

    July 31, 2014 at 12:43 pm

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