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Chelsea Clinton Quits $600,000 NBC Job-She Works? PRSpin UNSpun

Chelsea Clinton Quits $600,000 NBC Job-She Works? PRSpin UNSpun

August 29, 2014

Chelsea Clinton Jenna Bush Hager free NBC Network Career if Daddy was PresidentA few months ago it was released that Chelsea Clinton worked at NBC pulling in $600,000; and, not unlike most of us I didn’t even know she had a job or ever had any kind a job (outside the one her parents bought for her). Well, I guess it’s a pattern now.  Not that I blame her, if ever there’s a kid that’s in for a lifetime of therapy, it’s Chelsea Clinton-so I guess she gets a pass on one of the bought jobs.

That poor girl was spawn to be nothing more than a pawn in a political campaign; and, groomed since the day she popped out to suppress  images like her dad getting a hummer in the oval office. Chelsea Clinton has never stuck me as the type of girl with any personal drive or ambition willing to tough it out and work her way up through the ranks; and, sadly not unlike a lot of kids from money (Hello-Ivy League backlash anyone?)  It’s very Stepford-finish school, get married, work a little, pop out a  kid and do as everyone else tells her to do.

Business Insider, back in June, broke it down that Ms. Clinton “worked” making $23,724 for each minute she appeared on NBC.  Now that’s good work, if you can get it.   She was hired on as a “special correspondent” in 2011 to which NBC stated they “don’t comment on details of existing contracts.”

Well as luck would have it, Chelsea “decided” to 86 her gig with NBC citing exhaustion (ok I made that last part up-but c’mon?)  It’s been pointed out on this site before language like decided or withdraw is just PR Spin. I’d imagine this is no different.  Classic, release the information on a Friday before a long weekend-fingers crossed Clinton style-something bigger will happen to take heat off this story.  She was supposed to get stories on her family similar to another daughter of a former President’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager.  Apparently NBC is the “first job” for daughters of former first families like an internship , a $600,000 internship.

NBC was playing with fire and got burned, so it’s not easy to feel sorry for them when they lost out to Diane Sawyer for Hillary Clinton’s first interview for her new book. Ole Bill definitely came through better for Chelsea than he did Monica (phew! a few less hours on the couch for one of them).  C’mon Chelsea you had one thing to do and that should have been a pretty easy one to nail down, dontcha think? What? She took the moral high ground and decided not to use her influence-now?  People within Hillary’s circle have expressed concern that Chelsea wants to be her mother’s campagin manager.  Don’t worry, Hillary’s smart enough to unleash her no talent no work ethic daughter on NBC but why else do you think Chelsea is “with child,” now?  They’ll let her lick stamps for $2 million a year.

Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton Revlon Job

NBC thought they were controlling the situation but quickly learned anyone around the Clintons (not unlike the Bushs) are just pawns in their game and rather accomplices until they become victims.  Yep NBC were “victims” under The Sociopathic Business Model™ from the Clintons in this circumstance.  And if you’ve ever seen Jenna Bush Hager do an interview with her family I’d argue it’s the viewers who are the real victims. I keep thinking (ok-hoping) Willie Geist is accidentally going to step on her one day.  Just me?

Page Six mentions:

And when Politico revealed Chelsea’s massive salary in June, our source says, “It was catastrophic for NBC, because not one of the other correspondents, not even Jenna Bush Hager, is on that sort of money.”

Not even??? Are you fucking kidding me?? She should pay to be on television.  These women are taking high salary jobs from people who have actually earned the right to be there.   The one thing I do think is kind of funny is how irritated GW gets when his daughter goofily interviews him and he snipes at her-kinda reminds me of what it’d be like if I did an interview with my dad-except I don’t interviews with my dad on national tv-you’re welcome America.  However, NBC I’m guessing you’re going to have to kick a little more coin to baby Bush but there are plenty of us with more skill, talent, experience-sans the silver spoon to hire with the left over cash from your Clinton crash-n-burn. Not sure Chelsea “decided” as it’s likely NBC “decided” for her and gave her the option to try and save face.  Chelsea Clinton “fired” this close to the election could hurt Mommy’s campaign.  NBC haven’t you learned yet??

Thanks former Presidents Bush and Clinton for showing us some bipartisan use of characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™.  Not exactly what we were looking for regarding coming together on an idea that reached across the aisle. But hey it’s great news for the Obama girls (including Michelle-who thinks the first lady should draw a salary).  Guessing The NBC Former White House Family Member Internship wouldn’t be a bad gig for her after the divorce leaving the White House.

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