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Chelsa Skees Crowley, Dennis Crowley CEO @ Foursquare & The Sociopathic Business Model™ Case Study

Chelsa Skees Crowley, Dennis Crowley CEO @ Foursquare & The Sociopathic Business Model™ Case Study

Foursquare IP finalI do not believe in coincidences. Fact based evidence over time coupled with logic reason and recognizing a very distinct pattern when exposing the truth others would rather not be exposed prevent me from believing in coincidences.  I’ll supply the facts and it’s up to each reader to decide if in this Case Study it’s just a coincidence that the website slider developed a bug yesterday that skips over only one of the four stories or if this is an example of tactic right out of The Sociopathic Business Model™ playbook.

The Scenario:

The last two days I wrote stories about the couple, Chelsa Skees Crowley and her husband CEO of Foursquare Dennis Crowley, who first defended his wife’s fraudulently obtaining a bib to enter the Boston Marathon and the reason given, we could not understand the importance the race meant to them, which justified their offensive and unethical actions. Exposure of the facts continued to put the couple under public scrutiny: Chelsa Skees Crowley did the equivalent of dismissively giggling with a “Shhh,” on Twitter when her fraudulent bib was called into question.  The first story exposed that Chelsa Skees Crowley had in fact used creative license again unethically at the expense of her former employer by implying she was still associated with the brand, Bobbi Brown, and falsely used the title editor when in fact she was a freelancer as confirmed by her former employer.

When people do not want the facts exposed and are forced into taking accountability for their unethical actions and pathological lies it can be handled one of two ways: 1. A sincere apology and taking true accountability because they recognize their actions were selfish and unethical and grow from the experience 2. Do what’s necessary to bandage their damaged public image and resume activities out of The Sociopathic Model™ playbook.

The Problem:

Immediately after posting the second story which proved Chelsa Skees Crowley mislead people on her website and prompted her former employer to expose the truth to protect their image did positive change and accountability occur.   Bobbi Brown PR confirmed and Chelsa Skees Crowley was emailed to inform my site when hers would be updated accurately.  She did not via email, but noticeable changes were made to her site (reflected below).  I also noticed immediately following the forced accountability the website killingmycareer.com developed a bug on the slider header that skipped over only one story, the story and image of Chelsa Skees Crowley.  It also confirmed (image above) that someone from Foursquare was on the killingmycareer.com site twice yesterday.

Original excerpt from Chelsa Skees Crowley’s personal website containing lies:

Chelsa Skees Website inaccurate side by side

Updated excerpt from Chelsa Skees Crowley’s personal website reflecting truth 4.28.2014:

Chelsa Skees Crowley accountable website update side by side

IT (Rob) checked quickly and could not find the source of the change since no new plugins were added proving to be something of an unresolved mystery on our end (sorry slider is still jacked).  So I could either ignore the facts surrounding the change or look at the facts and make educated assumptions to make decisions for myself.

So let’s run this Case Study through The Sociopathic Business Model ™ to demonstrate the importance of identifying unethical behavior and the dangers of not exposing which allow the  behavior to encouraged, replicated and rewarded:

The SBM with Logo final

Case Study Theory: If CEO of Foursquare Dennis Crowley was upset with the articles written that factually put he and his wife Chelsa Skees Crowley in negative light and possibly damaged their image and they chose option 2: Do what’s necessary to bandage their damaged public image and resume activities out of The Sociopathic Model™ playbook. (Again it’s up to each person reading this to apply facts as they see them)

-They would have made insincere apologies to the public or not apologize to the harmed employer via the website where the damage occured

-They would manipulate and not recognize the rights of others

-View people as accomplices who always become victims (let’s say someone at Foursquare was asked to install a glitch in the website-they were doing what their employer asked even if unethical or risked hearing ‘off with their head’) but they too will eventually end up a victim

-Adding a glitch to the site would demonstrate poor behavior control, lack of shame guilt or remorse

-The glitch did create a bit of hopelessness in me.

-Did he motivate any employees through fear to execute unethical behavior?

-If in fact a glitch did stem from Foursquare, it would illustrate that Dennis Crowley does not like to be challenged and it could be seen as bullying.

So you see this is much bigger than just a bib, it’s the foundation for a much bigger possibility.    The way Dennis Crowley handled Boston Bibgate demonstrates a pattern and that he may run his company Foursquare in a similar fashion unethical fashion. 

What this all means for me:

Some people are only accountable when caught and the truth could damage their image which makes them accountable. Should we really have to force accountability?  Donald Sterling from the NBA is a perfect example of allowing accountability to slide for years and now that’s blown up in everyone’s face, including the NBA who under the direction of David Stern ignored Sterling’s racism for years for profit?

Listen ‘screws fall out all the time, the world’s an imperfect place,’ so maybe the slider glitch over Chelsa Skees Crowley’s story was just an untimely coincidence but it’s piqued my interest in a company I’d honestly forgotten about until last week, Foursquare. Someone from Foursquare looking at the site twice isn’t conslusive but if you start to put the facts together you start to see the victims pile up and a pattern emerge:

Anyone who wanted to race in the Boston Marathon and obtain a bib legally

Anyone who wanted to run in the Boston Marathon and didn’t get to run but wanted to and played by the rules

Kathy Brown (the real owner of the bib in the Boston Marathon)

Anyone who wanted a sincere apology for their unethical actions

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (Chelsa Skees Crowley’s former employer’s image could have been damaged by her unethical actions and lies)

Investors at Foursquare (could potentially be damaged by their CEO, Dennis Crowley and his wife’s actions) and could hurt the image of the Company and ultimately profits.

So is so unreasonable to think there could be more victims of those who expose the truth and get in the way of the Crowley Crew? Good thing the slider updates with new posts-sorry still glitchy).

Unchecked unethical behavior is the starting point for illegal behavior, such as fraud which is rampant in startups where arrogant founders think they’re above the law.

Foursquare is funded by Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, DFJ Growth, SMALLCAP World Fund, and a handful of angel investors and they may want to start following this continuing Case Study closely because some things aren’t adding up for me.

And it might interest some to know this site previously and continually catches the attention of  more than just someone at Foursquare:

FBI 2 25 plus dc final




  • peg

    Guys, she’s not sorry and feels no remorse. She’s deleted any negative comments off her instagram and continues to post (Washington DC) race pictures, so she can pretend nothing happened. To the Bobbi Brown team, (I heard) that when she was contacted and asked to update her site with correct employment history—her response was that of “ugh, I can’t believe you have to deal with this ridiculousness too.” Absolutely no remorse. She hides behind her husband and won’t personally make a statement or an apology because she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. She honestly believes she is entitled to any and everything she wants. She is a sociopath.

    April 30, 2014 at 6:28 am

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