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Chelsa Crowley Last Year’s Stow-Away @ The Boston Marathon This Year’s Co-Founder @ Stowaway Cosmetics

Chelsa Crowley Last Year’s Stow-Away @ The Boston Marathon This Year’s Co-Founder @ Stowaway Cosmetics

April 20, 2015


Chelsa Skees Crowley is most noted for being married to Foursquare & Swarm CEO Dennis Crowley and her DIY fraudulent bib at last year’s Boston Marathon; and, then being called-out for fabricating her work history stating she was a current content editor at  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics who understandably , quickly  and factually distanced their label from Chelsa Skees Crowley’s unethical behavior.


Bobbi Brown’s PR team factually (also by phone) stated 

Chelsa Skees Crowley’s correct title was freelancer 

and employment was terminated in November 2013  not April 2014.

Stowaway Cosmetics Review

Phew! Glad they’re complaint in Europe

Perhaps stowing-away fraudulently at the Boston Marathon is what sparked the ethically challenged Chelsa Skees Crowley to name her latest business venture Stowaway Cosmetics with co-founder with Julie Fredrickson (who mustn’t the Google).  The concept is essentially paying full price for products which are half the size or purse friendly.

Stowaway battery sized lipsticks$15 per each battery-sized lipstick

 The less than inviting website landing page of the ghostly image of a shot taken too closely or the over-priced (not #Paltrowing) but not exactly bargain for the size and price of the products are the least of the problems I have with Stowaway Cosmetics.  It’s that fact based evidence over time is the best indicator of the future and Chelsa Crowley* doesn’t have a good ethical track record and why I will not buy any product that she endorses or co-founds including Stowaway Cosmetics.

*Apparently she’s dropped the Skees-where have we seen changing names to distance from possible unethical and or illegal behavior before?

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)It’s irrelevant to me how the Stowaway products perform as there are cosmetic companies founded by people whose ethics aren’t in question, like the ethically challenged Chelsa Crowley’s former employer Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for example.  I don’t think Bobbi Brown has anything to worry about on the competition front from Stowaway Cosmetics and I know that I’ll continue to support Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and other ethical companies and Chelsa Crowley and her startup Stowaway can walk the plank.

  • A Williams

    I came across your article while researching the Stowaway brand. While my opinions on the company are neither here nor there, I would reconsider calling companies like Bobbi Brown ethical. They were listed amongst several big companies who purchase their mica from unethical mines in India that utilize child labor, but excuse it by saying they use less than 10% and are working on using less. Ten percent of a million dollar company is still pretty high. Not to mention animal testing in China.

    May 28, 2016 at 10:17 am

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