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CAN-Johnson & Johnson Hurt Women?

CAN-Johnson & Johnson Hurt Women?

October 25, 2014

Influence Marketing-mmpiher-www_killingmycareer

 Ethical and responsible social activism or influence marketing is one of the goals of this page (#GetActive) as a means to force accountability from companies that employ the unethical and or illegal tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™that harm patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike.   Influence marketing is when awareness is brought to the attention of the masses with an action tied to the cause to create the most positive change. 

Killing My Career has supported such influence marketing platforms as Buycott.com for campaigns against Johnson & Johnson as well as UberDuPont, and General Mills which I personally created. I like this platform because it’s tied to a smartphone app (action) that will let patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike either support (buycott) or boycott a parent company as well as subsidiaries with their purchasing dollars to create forced accountability.  Again, the easiest way for a company to feel a victim’s pain is to use the company’s own unethical and illegal truth which damages their crafted #PRSPin image, hurting their profits which will force accountability and create positive change #PRSPinUnSpun.  While creating positive change it also helps victims start to transition from “victim” to “empowered survivor.”

There will always be a faction of people who do not want to see victims survive and prefer to keep victimizing the weak as a means of personal power.  These factions will, manipulate facts, pathologically lie, demean and insult while restating the problem without providing tools or information that will help advance the cause towards a positive resolution.  If a support group or survivor group is employing more tactics from the checklist below and creating more hopelessness, it’s doing more harm than good and distancing from this problem will prevent a victim from being revictimized. All accomplices eventually become victims.


Truth and transparency is another goal of this page; and, the truth is not always well received. I am not compensated by Buycott, nor am I a founder, or a board membert as it’s just a public platform that allows any person create change through awareness for free.  I’ve also supported campaigns on Buycott that I did not create, such as Make our voices heard! Boycott Bayer! Recall ESSURE!  and Say No to Monsanto as is the same with Change.org regarding a petition for NBC to force accountability from Nancy Snyderman and her disregard for the Ebola quarantine setting a bad example for others and a negative chain reaction.

This site does not have a donate to section, nor is it supported by attorneys,  or pharmaceutical/medical device companies; and, if it was it would be clearly stated on the bottom of each page just as my copyright ©2014 www.mmpiher.com & www.killingmycareer.com is clearly stated on each page.

I’m also a non-compenstated supporter of Project On Government Oversight, or POGO which provides patients, consumers, employees, taxpayers and media alike with a secure drop for whistleblowers via TOR and information on government fraud.

Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO’s investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government.

POGO very clearly states as part of their mission they are not affiliated with any one political party.

As part of this pages influence marketing I’ve encountered many victims from my former industry of medical device and most notably mesh victims from Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare, Bard, Bayer Essure (same material different application), Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and Coloplast.

I have written about, spoken to and corresponded with several advocates and will again clearly state that I do not endorse any one advocate nor will I.  

The Big Three

Libel is a method of defamation expressed by print, writing, pictures, signs, effigies, or any communication embodied in physical form that is injurious to a person’s reputation, exposes a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or injures a person in his/her business or profession.

Slander is a false statement, usually made orally, which defames another person. Unlike libel, damages from slander are not presumed and must be proven by the party suing.

Defamation is any statement, whether written or oral, that injures a third party’s reputation. To establish a prima facie case of defamation, four elements are generally required:  a false statement purporting to be fact concerning another person or entity; publication or communication of that statement to a third person; fault on the part of the person making the statement amounting to intent or at least negligence; and some harm caused to the person or entity who is the subject of the statement.

 Kim Greenwood Mesh Avenger 10 25 2014 post

I can and do choose to work with people who I feel are helping move a cause forward; I’m donating my time and services to causes and there is no compensation which means I work on my own timetable, form my own independent opinions where my reputation is my currency. Anyone stating differently based off of conjecture or speculation void of substantiated fact driven proof is  engaging in unethical, illegal and patholgoical behavior. 

Mesh Avenger Kim Greenwood Kilpatrick

Kim Greenwood or rather Kim Kilpatrick (name change can be a characteristic of The Sociopathic Business Model™ as a means to distance from unethical or illegal activity) runs the group Mesh Avengers  is one of the several women who mentioned the organization she’s referring to CAN Corporate Action Network over the last few months.  Below is what I was prepared to write at this time. Research takes time.  Complex stories take time.  Kim Greenwood/Kilpatrick mentioned I have a vendetta and I do against fraud and abuse as it relates to business and the people it hurts (patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike). Someone should also hand Kim a mirror regarding vendettas and her accusations towards Jane Akre-until there this is fact based evidence it is just conjecture or speculation which can damage someone’s reputation.

Kim’s mother Linda Kilpatrick is a mesh victim and I’ve said before I understand the distrust many of the victims and their families have as it relates to the companies, attorneys, advocates and support groups; and, I’m an outsider with insider knowledge of the industry which is where I choose to focus.  Everyone has free will and if someone doesn’t like or agree with what I’m saying then challenge it with fact based evidence, not insults or speculations or manipulation of the facts to fit a certain narrative, otherwise move along because the rest of us are working to fix a broken system.   I deal in facts which means I fear nothing, least of all a threat for the world to see.


Mesh-Attorneys-and-Advocates-Killing-My-Career There are a lot of women out there doing good work to help other women; and as long as there is transparency in this process I have no problem writing about them as it relates to the activities in effort to help the entire mesh community.

Unlike POGO who states they’re not affiliated with any one political party, the same cannot be so transparently said of Action Network a platform (like Buycott.com or Change.org) which helps create social activism campaigns that also claims to offer whistleblower assistance, yet there is no noticeable secure drop (that’s inconsistent and contradictory language to action). 

The Action Network is an online toolset and organizing platform. Our sibling nonprofit project, the Corporate Action Network, offers services like strategic advice and assistance running distributed and networked organizing campaigns, corporate target research, litigation and whistleblowing assistance, and more.

It’s also unclear from the website if Action Network is for profit (they provide more services than Buycott.com or Change.org in that analytics, form letters, etc are available) to track a campaign-many times sites will offer the basic platform for free and for an upgraded fee more information is available. I don’t have a problem if a site is for profit as long as there’s transparency around the topic.

Action Network’s affiliated sister non-profit is Corporate Action Network or CAN. The companies were co-founded in 2012 by Brian Young, a veteran of four years as Digital Director for John Kerry (in the Senate and out) and I cannot find who the other co-founder is-it’s a red flag, are we not supposed to know? Or did they have some sort of business falling out over unethical and or illegal activity? We don’t know unless a company is transparent about simple facts regarding a company.

Corporations who abuse the public trust need to be reined in to create a fair society of innovation, balanced growth, genuine democracy, and a healthy environment. But the worst corporate predators have become adept at exploiting the global economy to evade the reach of our laws and blunt the effectiveness of traditional organizing efforts aimed at holding them to account.

Founded by people from the top levels of labor and digital political organizing, the Corporate Action Network has the expertise and the experience to bring all of this together.

 I fundamentally agree with what they’re saying but they’re pointing out flaws in corporations who abuse trust but use a phrase like “Founded by people,” really when have we ever heard of founders or executives not clamoring to highlight their achievements?  Again that’s inconsistent and contradictory language to action and a trigger for The Sociopathic Business Model™.

“Action Network Named “Best Overall Organizing Technology”

The Action Network is thrilled to announce that we won two awards at Netroots Nation! The Action Network was named Best Startup Technology and Best Overall Organizing Technology at the inaugural Netroots Nation New Tools Shootout, sponsored by Google and New Media Ventures.

This sounds super impressive until it’s revealed that Netroots (which stands for internet grass roots) is a shell for the Democratic party and Corporate Action Network is another shell for the Democratic party.  Again, don’t get hung up on the label of Democrat or Republican but look at the unethical actions. This is not unlike what we saw in the Sunshine Act Case Study which exposed that “Health Care Advocate” is just another way for companies to funnel and shift money to avoid detection.

Past conferences have featured appearances by Vice President Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton; a Presidential Leadership Forum that drew seven Democratic candidates including then-Senator Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; a surprise visit from Al Gore; interactive Q&A sessions with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid; and a chance to hear from three Nobel laureates. As The New York Times said, Netroots Nation is “becoming as much a part of the Democratic political circuit as the Iowa State Fair.”

So CAN winning awards from Netroots is kind of like giving your own kid a trophy over anyone elses. Under The Sociopathic Business Model™ companies often change names to distance from previous crimes to distract from the truth.

One campaign that’s currently on the Action Network/CAN platform is Johnson & Johnson Hurts Women and if this is just like Buycott.com or Change.org then any public citizen can post information for free (and are not compensated for posting), then the site is doing good work.  It’s engaging victims to contact the government to create positive change in policy while helping victims feel empowered. However, it’s not known if there’s a secondary agenda from the co-owners of the platform or how and if the site generates money from users or is just a shell for the Democratic party.

We’ve already worked with mesh survivors in almost every state to deliver letters to their state Attorneys General requesting investigations into Johnson & Johnson’s document destruction and fraud. Now, we’re renewing our call for US Attorney General Eric Holder to expedite an investigation in light of new evidence discovered at a recent trial in West Virginia. Add your name to show your support.

And there’s two other similar sites American Action Network and American Action Forum that claim to be just right of center.

The American Action Network is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization, and it is not affiliated with or controlled by any political group. The Network welcomes supporters of its center-right values and policy proposals regardless of party affiliation, and looks forward to working with legislators, government officials, and advocates of either party who are willing to advance policies consistent with the Network’s principles.

They are transparent regarding founder and who all is involved:

Board Members of the American Action Network


But this appears to be inconsistent and contradictory language to action:

American Action Network

  • My dear Melayna,

    A few years ago I had a long talk with a good friend of mine about online attacks from people I was helping through Truth in Medicine. After much discussion, she assessed these people as “needy takers”. I thought that was a pretty good assessment.

    In my opinion, the majority of the people on Jane Akre’s site are asking her for information she is not qualified to answer. She is a reporter who writes down anything anyone tells her or provides rewrites from other sites. Number of trials, who won or lost at trial, but no real perspective.

    What is it that makes her an advocate? Has she been to Congress? Has she been to the FDA? I did see a cut and paste of a Public Citizen petition from 2011 this last summer. The FDA had already denied it, but she sent it anyway. 42 State’s Attorneys were already investigating mesh when she and CAN called for all states to investigate it.

    She has a website based on patient profiles to raise awareness. So where is the awareness when the national media is paying zero attention to over 100,000 mesh injured women worldwide? The press does not even cover the trials when the plaintiff wins $73.5 million dollars (later reduced).

    Your are doing a great job with your keen insight into major illegal and/or unethical corporate behavior! Thank you for looking at the big picture!

    Best, Lana Keeton
    President & Founder
    Truth in Medicine Incorporated

    For the record, my organization has been to the FDA multiple times and as recently as August 2014. TIM presented a Capitol Hill briefing on mesh in 2011. The FDA is considering actions based on scientific evidence I researched and presented to them on inherent defects in polymers used to manufacture surgical mesh. We are not waiting for someone else to give us answers. We are, and have been, taking action for years now.

    October 27, 2014 at 12:08 am
  • We have to start a soap opera, “As The Mesh Turns”! Humor always helps! 🙂

    You are so right in all that you say, clear eyed and with a focus.

    I will try to follow your lead and be more focused on the real goal…Stop the Mesh!

    Thanks for your perspective and ACTIONS!

    October 27, 2014 at 8:52 am

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