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CA US District Court Judge Josephine Staton Denies $1 Billion in Worker’s Comp & Patient Restitution In CA’s “Largest Insurance Fraud Case”

CA US District Court Judge Josephine Staton Denies $1 Billion in Worker’s Comp & Patient Restitution In CA’s “Largest Insurance Fraud Case”

September 9, 2019

CA US District Court Judge Josephine Staton declined $1 billion in restitution for Worker’s Compensation & healthcare patients, despite Pacific Hospital Long Beach’s kickback scheme being called “the largest insurance fraud case in California’s history.”

Staton failed at #ForcedAccountability which encourages the replication of illegal activity where criminals feel rewarded by this horrid decision to deny victim restitution. This is exactly why The Sociopathic Business Model© Fraud Formula© persists and costs taxpayers billions. This is why healthcare costs billions.

Staton’s claim “the quantity of items of surgical hardware billed by or paid to Pacific Hospital…[is]”sheer guesswork.” She’d know this is true in EVERY medical device fraud case if she EVER spoke to US Attorney General (DOJ).

Judge Staton, failed to ask the question EVERY elected official fails to ask, “WHY is calculating medical device damages sheer guesswork?”

The answer is ONLY THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT barrier which both explains & solves the high cost of healthcare.

The answer is ALSO simple.  And one EVERY presidential candidate in the 2020 Election should be able to explain simply & solve factually, but can’t:

Private health insurance REFUSES to provide DOJ with accurate fraud over-payment data for three fear-based, criminal, reasons:

  1. patients would understand how much their insurance provider over-pay but refused to recover in proven healthcare fraud cases
  2. patients would understand they’re paying for fraud three separate times
  3. patients would understand that private health insurance writing off fraud costs them more while health insurance CEOs still receive healthy bonuses.

In short, CA US District Court Judge Josephine Staton, should know that all damages in healthcare fraud cases are based off of CMS Medicare/Medicaid data and even DOJ estimates private healthcare damages in the case of whistleblower damages. This I know, from first had experience. I hope the Pacific Hospital Long Beach & Michael Drobot’s victims’ attorneys file an appeal and have someone explain healthcare fraud to Judge Staton.  I’m available, if needed.

CA voters: please respectfully, professionally, intelligently and concisely contact Judge Staton to convey your concerns.

Read more here on why solving the healthcare problem isn’t hard–getting elected officials, private health insurance & pharma & medical device companies, who benefit from healthcare fraud out of the way, is the hard and the problem.




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