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BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson until We Hear Off With Their Heads!

BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson until We Hear Off With Their Heads!


 These three have been very  busy over the last decade


How many more trips to see with Wizard before we hear, “Off with Their Heads!” (I know different fairy tale but c’mon already)

How many more times do we have to see unethical or illegal behavior encouraged, replicated and rewarded at,  the expense of patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike?  Please join the campaigns below that will encourage Johnson & Johnson to no longer replicate unethical or illegal activity and stop rewarding, Alex Gorsky, Gary Pruden and Bridget Ross’ behavior.

Boycott the Band-Aid until these three are removed from the land of Oz and perhaps visit a different “Oz”

  1.  Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals during illegal off label marketing and illegal kickbacks of Risperdal, which caused 1,207 children to suffered serious problems, 31 children died, 11 of which were off label use and adolescent males reported growing breasts:  VP of Marketing at Janssen Pharmaceuticals Alex Gorsky made PresidentDirector of Marketing at Janssen Pharmaceuticals Gary Pruden  Executive Director, Global Marketing Leader, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Bridget RossJohnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ was $2.2 billion by the DOJ for Risperdal’s illegal off label promotion and kickbacks.  
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  3. Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical’s drug Topamax caused birth defects President and COO of Janssen-Ortho Inc. Gary Pruden VP of Sales & Marketing, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Bridget Ross 134 cases pending
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  1. Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit, which made Gynecare Prolift improperly destroyed files about some vaginal-mesh implants and may have to let juries weighing lawsuits over the devices hear evidence about the destruction, a court official said. Group Chairman for Ethicon, Alex Gorsky,WW President of Ethicon Products and also served as a member of the Ethicon Global Management Board, Gary Pruden and Worldwide President, Ethicon Women’s Health & Urology (Ethicon is a Division of Johnson & Johnson, Bridget Ross 
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  3. Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit recalled 93,000 implants in 2010, including 37,000 in the U.S., after more than 12 percent failed within five years. That rate is climbing, along with suits by patients blaming the chromium and cobalt devices for pain, metal debris and replacement surgeries.  Estimated pay out $3 billion.black bar
  4. Johnson & Johnson grew their business $17.9 billion making them worth $67.2 billion despite negative headlines and billion dollar fines.
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  6. Johnson & Johnson Baby Products that contained cancer causing agents were illegal in other parts of the world.  Why did it take public demand and several years for Johnson & Johnson to remove the cancer causing agents from the US Market?  
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  8. Johnson & Johnson pushing back and not removing all cancer causing agents from products in the US Market (already banned in other countries) until 2015.


 Coming soon the flying monkeys!!!


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