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Billions in Fines but No Jail Time-Part II-Yawn

Billions in Fines but No Jail Time-Part II-Yawn


Will we ever see Eric Holder grandstanding at one of those press conferences and saying “You get a jail cell and you get a jail cell?”  I’m sure there’s room next to Madoff and hopefully it won’t keep taking the SEC nine years to catch on to the fraud like it did in that case.  The banking industry is just the latest to skate by with billion dollar fines while executives are free  leaving the shareholders and taxpayers to pick up the pieces.

Banks That Agreed to Pay Billions in Fraud Fines While No Executives Have Gone to Jail

Maybe there’s a problem when we let two corrupt entities figure out the punishment on the behalf of the injured parties (shareholders and taxpayers.) And maybe it’s time the DOJ becomes elected officials and not appointed officials, so they remember that arrogance and lack of accountablity won’t be tolerated-just a thought. Hmmm,  I bet that would take an act of Congress-literally.

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