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UPDATED: #GoAmyGo AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Letting Arizona Medical Board Protect Doctors & Not Patients

UPDATED: #GoAmyGo AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Letting Arizona Medical Board Protect Doctors & Not Patients

UPDATED June 3, 2015

Amy Ashcroft being escorted out of AZ Medical Board

NBC 12 News


Amy Ashcroft reached an understandable medical injury breaking point in front of the AZ Medical Board and exposed the “artwork” according to the plastic Dr. William Leighton referenced in her medical charts and what she refers to as disfigurement.  Two other plastic surgeons stated they could not help her because of the damage or lack of breast tissue.

15 other people have filed claims against Dr. William Leighton. The problem isn’t Ms. Ashcroft it’s clearly with the AZ Medical Board in allowing a surgeon to continue by reward unethical and illegal behavior at the expense of innocent patients. She was escorted out of the meeting when attendants erupted into applause.

I’m sure many mesh victims can relate to Ms. Ashcroft’s frustration with the AZ Medical Board who was set to dismiss her case against Dr. William Leighton today.  Boycott AZ Plastic Surgeon Dr. William Leighton.


Watch Ms. Ashcroft’s moving testimony in front of the AZ Medical Board HERE

May 30, 2015

Patients should be provided with all the information regarding their doctors or potential doctors in order to make the best decisions yet the Arizona Medical Board makes that increasingly impossible especially for an aging, less than tech savvy retirement population.

To access the site and check on your doctor or potential doctor in Arizona click here or cut and paste this link http://www.azmd.gov/ into your web browsers (ex. Google, Bing, Firefox)

1.  There’s a common misconception that if a doctor doesn’t show up either from the doctor search or when the name is typed in the search bar that they haven’t been brought before the Board, that is incorrect.  Many times doctors are brought before the Board and given warning letters which would not show up in this search.  It also helps if the Arizona Medical Board Doctor Search were available online which it currently is not. If your need is immediate call (480) 551-2700.

Arizona Medical Board Doctors Search Offline 5 30 2015 Killing My Career Slide 1If you want to find out if your doctor is going before the Board (which is different than already sanctioned) it takes work. The Arizona Medical Board Meeting Agenda Minutes are saved in a PDF (picture) and not as a Word document, meaning when you for instance Google search these doctors going before the Board their names cannot be found.  This is not only unethical it should be illegal.

Manipulating the facts and not recognizing the rights of others by The Arizona Medical Board who are protecting the doctors but not the patients is inconsistent & contradictory language to action from a group where “do no harm” is part of their Hippocratic Oath and is tactic right out of The Sociopathic Business Model™. Sadly the Hippocratic Oath is also used as a manipulation from the medical community to patients in that most modern medical schools do not require the Oath and most patients do not know that information.     

Arizona Medical Board Media Agenda & Minutes to find doctors current in front of the Board Killing My Career Slide 22.  Media Center to Agenda & Minutes and the drill down at the top lists the years 2015-2011.  Well that’s certainly not very intuitive or easy to find for the general public or patients, is it? That’s right you have to go through and read each agenda, in each year, and look for your doctors name because it’s a PDF (picture) and not a Word Document.  Again, that’s inconsistent & contradictory language to action when it comes to protecting patients. But the Arizona Medical Board isn’t interested in protecting patients they’re interested in protecting doctors. This is why patients must be their own healthcare advocates.

Arizona Medical Board Meeting Agenda Wednesday June 3 2015

Arizona Medical Board Agenda to Dismiss Case Dr William Leighton Amy Ashcroft Board Killing My Career Slide 3

Amy Ashcroft3.  Local NBC 12 News reporter Wendy Halloran is one of the few in the industry who really dig to expose the truth the unethical would rather remain hidden. She’s done an amazing job of exposing Dr. William Leighton a Scottsdale plastic surgeon who had two complaints file against him last year.  The first was Debi Koolick and the second by Amy Ashcroft. Dr. William Leighton is trying to get the case against him from Amy Ashcroft dismissed (pictured left from 12 News) .

Having worked in the pharmaceutical & medical device industry for 13 years I’ve figured out how to find this information; but, if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to look for it-it’s understandable which again is the design to protect the doctors and not the patients  and putting the public at greater risk.  It’s not likely Ms. Ashcroft or her attorneys aren’t aware of Dr. Leighton’s intentions but if they weren’t it’s not like the they could Google this information because again the Arizona Medical Board Meetings Agenda & Minutes are saved as a picture and not text and do not cache in search engines.  Others who knowingly & willfully obscure or manipulate the facts impede us from making informed and educated personal decisions regarding our health.

Arizona Board of Medicine Recommended for Advisory Letters June 3 2015

Arizona Board of Medicine Recommended for Advisory Letters June 3 2015 2

There are good and bad within every population: meaning there are good doctors and doctors who should not be practicing medicine just as there are good patients and there are patients who like to play professional victim which harms the profession and other real victims.  We as a society we have to start paying attention to doctors who abuse their power just as much as we do to the subset of unethical patients that abuse their power.  When a physician like Dr. Leighton offers a glib reason for retiring in 2011 like he was “bored” and returned a short time later with two complaints from women who did not know each other previously that’s a Red Flag for me and is personally enough information to choose another surgeon who wasn’t previously “bored.”*

If my doctor was on the Arizona Board Meeting Agenda, in the Minutes or sanctioned and became defensive or dismissive when questioned I would find another doctor-immediately. If they were able to explain the situation while taking accountability and not placing blame and had not previously been reprimanded for the same offense, I would remain a patient.*  

The misplaced concern and often manipulation from the medical community that the general public can’t understand that just because they’ve brought before the Board doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve done anything wrong and that this information will be taken “out of context,” is insulting & demeaning to the general public and to patients.  It is true that just because they were before the medical board doesn’t mean they’ve done anything wrong but it’s not their decision to make on whether or not we can comprehend the “context” and yet the medical community is making those decisions for us when they knowingly & willfully keep searchable text from Arizona Medical Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes unavailable to the general public.

Take for example the same manipulation that some in the medical community used regarding the Government release of physican payouts from the pharmaceutical and medical device companies known as The Sunshine Act or Open Payments. Those physicians who acted unethically and illegally did not want their negative truth released and decided to insult and demean the general public and their patients  by stating we wouldn’t understand the payments “out of context.”

Mark Brnovich AZ Attorney General

Mark Brnovich Arizona Attorney General

No-that is nothing more than a manipulation of the facts to allow the unethical or those engaging in illegal activity to in the medical community to not take accountability while placing blame from the Board to Open Payments.  It’s often been said on this site as an employee you must think of their company’s HR Department really more like their spouse’s divorce attorney-the company is out to protect the company and not the employee; and, the same can be said for the Arizona Medical Board, they should also be thought of as our collective spouse’s divorce attorney out to protect the doctors and not the patients.  It’s time for the Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich to intervene on behalf of patients and demand all Arizona Medical Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes are available on the website via searchable word text recognizable by search engines.

*The doctors listed from the Arizona Board of Medicine Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, June 3, 2015  for the purpose of this article is not an admission of  any wrongdoing on the part of the physicians. The information is used to demonstrate that not all information is easily available to the public.   It is up to each person reading this to make the best decisions based on the facts as any information or opinion is not legal or medical advice.  

Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery   (D.O.)

Arizona Board of Podiatry Examiners




  • We are the UNIFORMED society being led “by the nose” believing the soundbites we get on TV in commercials and news stories. We need to be VERY VIGILANT when it comes to our health! Patient beware!

    June 4, 2015 at 4:17 am
  • Amy Ashcroft

    Thank you Melayna for your support and exposure. Your spot on about the Medical Board and corruption in Arizona. I now have a list of 29 victims of Dr. Leighton who have come forward. We all feel that our hands are tied, we can’t find legal representation because our cases are not profitable enough to justify the cost of a trial. Only one of the victims who was severely disfigured has an attorney. I just want people to know they are not protected by the Medical Board or the legal system. I’m glad you can see the corruption, I just wish the Board could also.

    June 5, 2015 at 7:26 pm
      • Tedee berez

        Hi Melayna Thank you for your attention to us, the victims of Leighton. I am scarred for life. If you think it would be of use, please contact me and I can send a summary to you.


        January 28, 2016 at 1:45 am

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