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Are Johnson & Johnson’s Gorsky and Pruden Rewriting SEO History?

Are Johnson & Johnson’s Gorsky and Pruden Rewriting SEO History?


A company wouldn’t promote executives associated with one of the largest fines in US History, would they?  And, certainly not more than once?  So, yesterday we learned that companies may be changing wording to not have their crimes follow their companies or executives regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Let’s dig a little deeper into our Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutical (Pharmaceutica is that a name change?), Risperdal case study, shall we?

Let’s meet our next player.

Gary Pruden slide bio

Photographer: Think, 1970’s Burt Reynolds

Posing Pruden

I mean, that pose screams humble and yet the LinkedIn Profile is rather generic and replete of, oh what is it?  SEO words, like Janssen.  Do companies think we’ll just forget? I doubt the families of the 31 deceased children and young men who grew breasts will forget anytime soon.  I don’t think we should either.

Send Johnson & Johnson a message and join the Boycott the Band-Aid Campaign.  As consumers, patients and taxpayers, it’s time for us to start demanding more from the companies we support.



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