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#AskIslamicState Are Algorithms Unethically being Blamed for Censorship?

#AskIslamicState Are Algorithms Unethically being Blamed for Censorship?

August 22, 2014




on Twitter Below original story

UPDATED: September 10, 2014 with additional analytic information comparing Google, Bing and Yahoo!


Trending on Twitter for a while, the hashtag #womenshould, behind the very popular awareness campaign from UN Women, cast doubt on the Google autocomplete algorithm. 

Originally #Ferguson was not trending on Twitter or Facebook; and, according to TechCrunch the answer is that social media networks use algorithms and not human editors.  That may be, but I question if algorithms are being blamed when something more sinister and human is really the cause. Interestingly not everyone sees the same thing trending on Twitter.  The algorithm takes popular posts and what’s specific to each person’s account and comes up with a personalized Twitter Trending List.  Which kind of makes the “Trending on Twitter,” cache not really matter.

Anecdotally, it’s been suggested that algorithms can be manipulated in order to favor or suppress certain information.  In essence it’s allowing companies like TwitterFacebook and Google to determine what information we received based on their morals and ethics (or therefore lack of).

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced in a tweet that his company is actively suspending the accounts of anyone found to be sharing the video or stills from the video.

Costolo’s tweet read simply:

“We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you https://t.co/jaYQBKVbBF

Mark Zuckerberg’s meetings with Rand Paul and private meeting with Chris Christie at the Sun Valley Allen & Company’s annual financial meeting (whom later challegned Zuckerberg  to the ALS Icebucket Challenge) is it possible that the lines of ethics and politics can easily be blurred.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook on fraud; and, Governor Chris Christie’s denial of knowing what his top aides did during BridgeGate continues to prove he pathological lies, places blame, manipulates the facts, does not recognize the rights of others and they both operate usings tactics straight from The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Is it that much of a stretch to think Mark Zuckerberg, who feels entitled to have political access, would engage in fraud again this time with Governor Christie who may ask for something bigger than Bridgegate from Zuckerberg’s Facebook,  like suppressing positive trends of political enemies of Christie’s?  Things like this happen all the time; and, it could happen if we allow two corrupt entities to negotiate behind closed doors with the hopes of controlling the American people.

Being able to identify trends that may become a reality and doing our best to stop them is taking a page from the playbook and using it against them.  We should be careful to watch that Twitter, Google and Facebook, which are the main sources of news for many, do not overstep their bounds and manipulate facts to censor information to their own gain.  And it’s tough to know if we can even trust the regular news at this point. 

UPDATED:  #AskIslamicState

And this evening Trending on  Twitter Twits(?)have decided to taunt terrorists with the hashtag #askislamicstate-perhaps thinking our government hasn’t done enough?  Maybe they’re on to something.  The campagin has gone on for about eight hours (three hours longer than President Obama’s golf game yesterday). While there is ignorance behind some of the messages there does seem to be concern or frustration from others.   Wonder what Jack Dorsey has to say about that?  Maybe he’ll add #Jihadists on the wall at TwitterHQ like he  did Ferguson.

Not sure if these qualify as #TweetZero or not.


The Voice of Reason:


Trending Worldwide?


And the one that sums it up the best:


And let’s hope the FBI are monitoring


Twitter Feed tonight because this wasn’t on there long:



#AskIslamicState 6

And to snap everyone back to reality:




And here’s a taste of who this guy follows on Twitter:




And one final thought:


August 23, 2014

It appears that Google is suppressing “AskIslamicState” as only two stories show up this morning and many more did last night. Has 34,000,000 results but two come up?

#AskIslamicState GoogleCensorship

Well, that’s one tricky Google alogrithm (an hour later)

2,900 results but more stories than before populate.

And now people know the trick:  Putting a # at the beginning of a Tweet registers with Google (at least it has) but their (ahem) non human algorithm may change that soon.

#AskIslamicState GoogleCensorship2

#AskIslamicState GoogleCensorship3

UPDATED September 10, 2014  Terrorist threat 9/11/2014 typed into three search engines: Yahoo! Bing and Google. 

Yahoo! Killing My Career comes up number one. (It doesn’t say out of how many)

Bing! Killing My Career comes up number one out of 3, 920,000

Google Killing my Career comes up  ?  out of 105,000

This is not ego driven or not understanding analytics this is much bigger.

People are worried about terrorists attacks on the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow- The President spoke and addressed the Country this evening, this site (and specifically this story) has had increased traffic over the last few days and I find it impossible that Bing has almost 4 million related stories and Google only has 105,000 which means that Google is suppressing what the American people are reading.  And the bigger question is why?

Yahoo terrorist threats 9 11 2014

Bing Terrorist Threat 9 11 2014

Google Terrorist Threat 9 11 2014

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