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UPDATED: Aaron Sorkin Still A Dick-$80 Million Won’t Cover Daughter’s Tuition

UPDATED: Aaron Sorkin Still A Dick-$80 Million Won’t Cover Daughter’s Tuition

April 17, 2015

Aaron Sorkin and Gwyneth Paltrow both insufferable assholes #Paltrowing

Aaron Sorkin reportedly worth $80 million was #Paltrowing in his recently released Sony Hack email to Sony Executive Amy Pascal and Mike DeLuca when Sorkin without shame remorse or guilt tried to manipulate negotitations while he managed to demean and insult the executives (and now everyone reading this):

We can make a deal that pays me in success and lets me pay Roxy’s tuition in the meantime.

Aaron Sorkin really should reach out to Gwyneth Paltrow so she can explain poverty and food stamps and maybe she can get her friend Jay Z to host a charity event on their behalf.  I truly feel sorry for all of their children and the countless hours of therapy they’ll need on behalf of their parents.

Aaron Sorkin Sony Hack emails 2

Aaron Sorkin Sony Hack emails 1


December 16, 2014


Are you all burned out on the Sony Hack yet?  I’ll admit it made me smirk when the initial information was released.  Nothing like self-important people outraged over their unethical and illegal behavior being exposed through unethical and illegal behavior. Again, it’s one of those situations where it’s really tough to tell who the victims are here.  Well outside of anyone forced to watch a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie or anyone who worked for Sony.

Sony initially said that North Korea was responsible for the hack as a means to manipulate the media as to not be complicit with dissemination of information. (Manipulation of facts, not recognizing the rights of others, pathological lies)  The FBI has verified that the hack is not from North Korea .  I don’t believe in any form of censorship however the irony can’t be lost on anyone that we’re all taking the moral high ground while defending a movie that really should come with hip waders.

Hip waders

It didn’t take North Korean threats to keep me out of the theater this holiday. Its horrible movies that are retreads of pervious movies that did that all on its own.  Even by Sony’s own admission The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is “repetitive” and Franco is “desperately unfunny.” (well, he’s consistent) If it were just that simple I’d gladly turn over Rogen and Franco to North Korea if it would prevent Sony from subjecting us to future bad cinema. Need more proof? The hack uncovered a 21 Jump Street and a Men In Black cross over movie.  Some trends shouldn’t be movies.  This cross-over technique is clever and entertaining in video games but this is just a no when it comes to movies.

Seth Rogen James Franco A gift for North Korea

That of course is just one of the many issues around this topic. We should have freedom to create without censorship.  Although I think more than a few in this country would be more than upset if President Obama met the same deadly fate that Kim Jong-un does in The Interview.  If it were telling the story from a historic perspective that’s one thing but to make a movie that someone wrote while high for a laugh well maybe it’s time to force accountability from the movie studio.  This will likely make sales for a below average movie sky rocket and have the opposite of the desired result despite threats from GOP (no not that GOP) Guardians of Peace.

Notice none of the other movie studios are coming out and defending Sony’s stance on not reading the leaked information.  Three things: one they’re all busy locking down their data and spending millions on tech upgrades, two, they’re busy reading it and three, they’re busy writing treatments for an upcoming movie about the Sony Hack.

Aaron Sorkin is a Pig

Aaron Sorkin

And now for Aaron Sorkin, who thinks that journalists licking their chops over the leak are ‘morally treasonous‘; however, where was Mr. Sorkin’s moral outrage over Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures getting hacked? Or was he online licking your chops? He should have quit while he was behind but the pig in him just couldn’t stop and he said that the Sony Hack was even ‘worse by magnitudes’ than the nude actress photo leak. No, Mr. Sorkin you showed us you are dick but thankfully we didn’t have to see your dick.  The Sony Hack also exposed that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-starts for American Hustle.

Male actors face a higher “degree of difficulty” than their female counterparts-Aaron Sorkin

What will the morally superior Aaron Sorkin do when another studio comes calling and asking him to do a story on the Sony Hack?

The Sony Hack has provided fact based evidence of what’s long been suspected in Hollywood: racism, sexism and discrimination are rampant.  And anyone who reads here regularly knows that’s the trigger for The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

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