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2016 Presidential Candidates Diversity Looks A Lot Like Tech Industry Mr. President

2016 Presidential Candidates Diversity Looks A Lot Like Tech Industry Mr. President

August 6, 2015

As someone who came from the startup med device world, the little sister to tech, both are known for their Gods of Frauds and their unrepentant, pathological history regarding lack of diversity.  A point inconsistently & contradictorily noted by the White House earlier this week:

President Barack Obama wants to help close the diversity gap in the technology industry, and he’s marshaled support from the private sector to do it.

On Tuesday, the White House announced it has brokered a number of new initiatives involving major tech companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft; well-known venture capital firms; and engineering departments at large universities committing to concrete plans to foster diversity within their organizations. The announcement is part of the Obama administration’s first-ever Demo Day, an event where startup founders from diverse walks of life and various parts of the country came to the White House on Tuesday to showcase their innovations. CNET

Selective Tolerance B:

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional Victims

In politics, regardless of party it’s always much easier to place blame without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability and that point is easily made looking at the current list of 2016 Presidential Election Candidates:


2016 Presidential 55 Candidates= 52 Male to 3 Female and 5 total candidates are non-white. Very similar to tech diversity.

It’s great the White House wants more diversity in tech but what about the White House?  Supporting diversity in one industry while without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability not addressing it in another industry is an inconsistent & contradictory manipultation of facts while not recognzing the rights of others.   People in White Houses Mr. President…


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