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You May Not Know His Name but You Know His Game: Operation

You May Not Know His Name but You Know His Game: Operation

October 30, 2014

Butterfingers! If you’re a child of the seventies, like I am, then you know the game Operation.  And if you’ve ever hit the buzz inducing (almost pee inducing? just me?) metal sides of the game trying to take out the patient’s funny bone well we have one person to thank for that, 77 year old inventor John Spinell0.  Mr. Spinello sold the rights to the game for $500 almost 50 years ago.

A couple of game enthusiasts heard that Spinello was unable to pay for an upcoming $25,000 oral surgery and started a crowdfunding account to help.  The page reached it’s $25,000 goal and Spinello even has a page thanking fans.

It’s nice when good people do nice things for people in need. #GetActive

And not so nice, my older sister Amy used to make the buzz noise when it was my turn (throwing my skill off) and told me every time I hit the sides and buzzed (just me) that a real patient somewhere died. (Kinda twisted take on every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings). She’s in the Hall of Fame of Evil Older Siblings. Feel free to share your childhood traumas or how you exacted evil on your siblings.

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