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Winners Of The Weak: Big Pharma, Wall Street, Startups, White Collar Criminal Defense Firms & The Media

Winners Of The Weak: Big Pharma, Wall Street, Startups, White Collar Criminal Defense Firms & The Media

September 18 to September 24, 2016



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Tone-deaf, Mylan CEO, Heather Bresch, maker of EpiPen’s, comment “no one’s more frustrated than me,” regarding the media’s sudden attention to the 500% price hike surrounding the company’s device used to counteract a potentially fatal allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis, really says it all.  She’s frustrated that people found out about the steady price increase which was necessary to offset Mylan’s acquisition of Merck’s generic business in 2007.  Or Bresch is frustrated that the  truth regarding her father, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who appointed her mother Gayle Manchin, to president of the National Association of State Board of Education (NASBE), exposed a conflict-of-interest that reached whole new unethical level at best (or illegal at worst breaking anti-trust laws).  NASBE launched the “epinephrine policy initiative” which in collaboration with Mylan, created school protocol which involved selling the EpiPen to schools.  

This is certainly enough information for us as taxpayers and voters to start making some decisions because our votes and purchases have power.  Bresch testified before Congress, hopefully the Attorney General & SEC will look into the anti-trust angle of this case but, anyone who has the opportunity to vote out Senator Manchin in 2019 should. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to ensure you don’t purchase any of Mylan’s other products and take to social media any time you buy a competitors product.   Remember when people are caught and forced accountable that’s different than coming forward of their own accord.  The family got caught.



Oh course they do…and I’d like to point to how the media refers to the industry as Big Pharma when in fact Johnson & Johnson’s Acclarent is a medical device company.  But, the media “does tend to make broad brush claims of “bias.””

Eric Holder now works for the firm he prosecuted in the Pfizer GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson Cases for the DOJ

Pfizer, responsible for the world’s largest DOJ fine in history of $2.3 billion and Bayer, the company buying MonsterMonsanto and injuring women with permanent birth control Essure, not surprisingly came out to defend the convicted criminals of Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Acclarent.  Johnson & Johnson is defended by white collar crime firm Covington, where former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, walked across the street and rejoined the firm he was working for before and after his tenure as on of the most powerful men in the United States Government.

Boycott Covington Clients until they permanently remove Eric Holder from their firm due to conflict of interest #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

Pharmaceutical giants including Bayer (ETR:BAYN) and Pfizer(NYSE:PFE) filed a motion backing ex Johnson & Johnson –Acclarent executives William Facteau and Patrick Fabian, urging the Massachusetts federal court to acquit them of their misdemeanor charges.

Former Acclarent CEO Facteau and ex-sales vice president Fabian wereconvicted in July on 10 misdemeanor counts of “introducing adulterated and misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce.” Earlier this month, Judge Allison Burroughs lifted the bail and travel restrictions that were imposed on the pair.

Members of the Medical Information Working Group, a non-government entity composed of pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers, filed an amicus brief Sept. 20, urging the court to acquit both men in light of the “extremely ambiguous” regulatory framework that characterizes what companies can and cannot say about their products.

Mass Device

Nothing like criminals defending criminals.  Please get active and tell Judge Allison Burroughs to send venture capital funded startup executives William (Bill) Facteau & Patrick (Pat) Fabian to jail. #OneClickToTheClink.

Venture capital funded startup employees take note of what the Wells Fargo Employees are doing.

And speaking of #OneClickToTheClink, Wells Fargo CEO John Strumpf, who fired 5,300 employees who were directed by management to open up unnecessary bank accounts to increase sales by defrauding their own customers is having a really, really bad week, and it’s about time. Workplace retaliation is real and why so many employees are fearful of coming forward like now former Wells Fargo employee Bill Bado who was fired for calling the company’s ethics line. And despite the media referring to fired employees as “angry and disgruntled,” they fail to ever ask the simple question, “Why are employees angry and disgruntled?” But that would require the media to actually do more than cut and paste a press release.  Trying to fix the company from the inside when the company doesn’t want to fixed is a sobering moment for many employees, myself included.  As an employee you have to think of your HR or ethics department like your spouse’s divorce attorney, not there for you!

Think of your career like any other important relationship in your life to help identify abusive patterns.

No, venture capital funded startup executives at Lyft (who are little puppets for the VCs)  just stop trying to sell the public on self-driving cars, or products that a bunch of dudes sitting in a room thought we “all needed” from  Google’s (1/2 empty) Glass, to Apple’s Watch (out the delusions are real at Apple), just stop! Creating market is good if it fills a need people did not know they needed but shoving self-driving cars and wearable tech down the throats of those outside the thoughtless “think tanks” of Silicon Valley will certainly “all but end” the careers of executives like Lyft’s Co-founder & president, John Zimmer, long before 2025 (thankfully)!

And my personal #WinnerOfTheWeak Washington Post’s Paul Farhi who opined a very tone-deaf letter to readers: Dear Readers: Please Quit Calling Us The Media: There Is No Such Thing. The same “broad brush claims of “bias”” Farhi asserts “the readers”  of making regarding “the media” demonstrates his own lack of self-awareness or certainly the inconsistent and rather contradictory way his industry refers to Big Pharma & Wall Street with the same “broad brush clams of “bias.””

None of us want to lumped with the worst of our industry but, that only changes when we protect employees that come forward and  promote those who are working ethically and within the guidelines of the laws opposed to encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal behavior in the worst of each of our industries.

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