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Well Funded Fraud Throughout the Ages: C. David Heymann

Well Funded Fraud Throughout the Ages: C. David Heymann

August 31, 2014


This site likes nothing more than when a fraud is exposed; and, David Cay Johnston’s piece in Newsweek exposes how some in the publishing world turned a blind eye to now deceased best-selling author C. David Heymann’s penchant for fabrication.

In May 2012, Heymann fell dead in the lobby of his New York City apartment building, but that presented no problem for his publisher, according to Emily Bestler, who edited his last four books. She told Newsweek during a phone conversation in July that Heymann was “a true professional” who “finished the book before he died.” Still, Bestler said, she paid to have the book thoroughly fact-checked just to make sure all was in order. Nothing troubling turned up, she told me, not even a misspelled name.

Read the rest of this fascinating story  which reads like a page from The Sociopathic Business Model™ involving decades of well-funded fraud HERE

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