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UPDATED:Website Data-What are You Supposed to Do with It? Go Daddy v Stat Counter

UPDATED:Website Data-What are You Supposed to Do with It? Go Daddy v Stat Counter

April 26, 2015 Googlebot mobile-friendly analytics tester at the bottom of this article.

Googlebots for new analytics 2015 Killing My Career

July 9, 2014

UPDATED July 12, 2014 Go Daddy! analytics vs. Stat Counter


One thing was abundantly clear as I tried to extrapolate data from my own website-engineers are still not talking to the user based clients.  I found the same was true when consulting and ran across a less than user friendly EMR (electronic medical records) system in a physician’s offices.

Software engineers may think it’s simple to do five steps to get one piece of usable information but actual users of the software do not.  The CFO of a company and myself had to break down the EMR system over two weeks (with minimal support) of which they were  paying the EMR site $20,000 a month.  We were told by the company that if we wanted to color code the providers schedule line by line we were on our own; but, once we got the project done we should pass it along to them and if they liked it they’d implement it into the system. “Wait?  You want us to do your job for you and pay you $20,000 while we do it?” I screamed at the CEO of the EMR company.  Sold is all the company cared about not sustainablility of use of the system (sounds like most startups, right?)


Yes, users should provide feedback to make products better but never a total redesign.  Neither the CFO or I had any engineering experience and the CEO/Surgeon (always understanding and never in a hurry) understandably was frustrated that the project was took much longer than expected and not sure of the outcome.  I was sure of the outcome but not sure we’d ever to get the system to run the way we needed.  We were, after training the staff on the new way to schedule, able to increase the number of patients seen by as much as 60% and cut down patient wait times down as much as 80%.

And again when I tried over the last week to get the necessary statistics to better understand my site, it took me almost two weeks.  “Running Reports”  should be as simple as typing what you need in the search window and the data magically appear. It’s also very common when consulting to explain the importance of the data, (more you less what you need and why you need it), to solidify your business.  My business in this situation is me!  I am no one in the marketing world or really business world-yet I know how to do both very well.  I don’t make money until I make money for my clients.  Meaning-I show them how to recover or make money before I ever take a dime from them.  We either negotiate straight fee (which always ends up being less) or a % of what I help recover or grow their business over a certain period of time.

So to better illustrate the point I do everything in colors (it drives everyone insane at first but there’s a meaning to my madness.)

Killing My Career Blog Breakdown Titles Subtitles and Colors cropped

Select colors that tie into your theme that will help your reader identify with a certain story or category.   These categories and descriptions also happen to be part of a book I’m writing on business ethics.  Prince/Purple (Rain or reign-at any rate associated with regal), which is how I saw my old career.  The Problem-businesses are wounded and they keep putting Band Aids on them.  The Solution is my company (my company color) or companies like mine that understand the importance or organic ethical marketing and business. Green means Go!  Get active and help create positive change.

From January 30, 2014 to July 1, 2014 there were a little over 40,000 non paid (organic) visits to the site via StatCounter 93,000 if I go off of Go Daddy! data.  Huge swing in variance but that just goes to show how this really all shakes out and somewhere in the middle of the two is likely the more realistic of the numbers.

Killin My Career Site Statistics from January 30 to July 1 2014 This is good information, supports the premise of the book; and, reconfirms what the beta tests I’ve done have successfully completed and supported.

And now for the big reveal The Top 5 Articles:

Top 5 Articles  with Titles

And to see it in the color theme:

Top 5 Blog Articles Broken Down Title and Category

Foursquare CEO’s Wife Taking DIY to a Fraudulent Level @ Boston Marathon

Haters v Forced Accountability: The Alexis Martin Neely Case Study “The Truth Telling Lawyer?”

The Yellow Brick Road of Risperdal

A 360 that Would Make Linda Blair’s Head in the Exorcist Look Like Child’s Play

Do You have a Passion or a Paycheck? Part 1

And some random facts this seach turned up:

Cash Cows (I hate even typing it but for some reason it brought people from all over here over 1,500/24,909 times. So sorry and again sorry in advance if this wasn’t what you were looking for.)

And the Go Daddy! Data that supports it, the top 30 words searched

Go Daddy Analytic Page 3

Go Daddy 4



After two of the biggest three stories posted the site received lots of spam (and did you know there’s snarky spam?)  and a glitch that only the experts could fix. So, we’re on the right track!

Killing My Career Web Analytics Start to July 12 2014Or compared to the Go Daddy!  data which shows something completely different.  StatCounter is supposed to remove spam and my visits to the page-but there is a HUGE variance in these numbers:

Go Daddy Data on the site


Go Daddy Most Viewed Page The Sociopathic Business Model

Was the single most visited page.

Yep, the readers like it when people or companies are held accountable (regardless of where the stats came from the same stories tracked on both sets of analytics).  Forced accountability isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.  Thanks as always for reading!

Updated April 2015 : Click (here) to check to see if your website is Google ready for the new mobile-friendly algorithm

Googlebots for new analytics 2015 Killing My Career

  • Pastor Jim

    There’s a whole school of thought that Web system developers are not only out of touch with their customers but the entire body of consensual reality. Look at the jokers at Four Square. Having people tell the world where they are at any given moment. Well, hello…any reasonably smart second-story man would love to know when you’re going to be away from your valuables long enough to have a good steak dinner. And it’s a stalker’s wet dream…probably literally.

    Most large software systems companies have an arrogance in their support groups which varies directly with how secure they are that any customer will keep pouring money into their product. Their company may have the market cornered or they may have account control in your office…in which case it’s mostly “f*ck you, we’re busy right now” when you call with anything less pressing than a catastrophic system shutdown.

    Web vendors also have a large investment in keeping their work mysterious. If people knew how simple things really were, they’d easily see they were being overcharged…as it is, you need to feel you need an expert to do most anything.

    That’s why, for me personally, I’m enjoying just sitting here watchin’ the wheels go ’round and ’round…I really love to watch them roll. 🙂 For me, the cost of buying my own soul back was much lower than yours — it was a Jaguar.;-)

    July 10, 2014 at 9:09 am

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