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We say…

We say…

I am truly humbled by the responses from those who have reached out regarding the blog; and overwhelmed that it’s reached over 600 visits.  Although I’m suspect it’s really just my mom and dad visiting and revisiting so that I don’t off myself in their guest bedroom on a rolling rack and steamer (the MacGyver of fashionable death?)  .  Or me, every time I have to go back and correct an error (which is often and likely far from complete).

When I was in sales, I would have my retired parents call all of my doctor’s offices who used my device, to spot check their staff.  I know it seems dickish but it really was to help me see where there were holes in the process.  Nothing is more humbling than knowing everyone in an office by name, and they yours, even jokingly call you the ‘balloon lady’ (my product was balloon based-I wore scrubs two sizes too big so get your minds out of the gutters), and not know their surgeon used balloons when ‘patients’ called asking.  When my parents called and 9 out of 10 of the offices on the list, their staff didn’t know their surgeons used balloons in surgery.  It wasn’t their failure, it was mine.

As I learned in therapy, any information is good information it’s how or if you choose to use it.  Applying learned information to improve situations is what has made me successful and often frustrated managers who saw this kind of data as ‘negative.’  Finding a problem, solving a problem is logical to almost everyone, with the exception of management today, it appears.

I’ve learned over the last few weeks that many of you have experienced similar treatment across many industries.  Several have asked for a way to provide ‘blind items,’ which I’m totally open to, but not sure yet how to set that one up.  I’m working on it!  It’s amazing, once someone launches into a company story that relates to the Sociopathic Business Model ™, they’ll add things like, “This is really spot-on, but you forgot to mention the managers who play favorites.”  It’s in there I promise, with the ‘encouraged, replicated and rewarded,’ portion of the writing.

It’s sad what’s bonding an understandably disgruntled large group of employees is unethical and illegal business practices. It does tell me though, that the book on business ethics, and redefining, the business model, for increased accountability, productivity, and profitability is timely and necessary.

It has been challenging for me not to view the number of page visits as a ‘quota,’ of sorts.  I’m competitive and even more so with myself.  Trying to beat last week’s numbers, or last day’s numbers, I mean I came out of the womb with a quota.   If you’ve ever had a quota, you know what I’m talking about, because it’s hard wired into our DNA. And if you haven’t had a quota, you’re smarter than the rest of us.  Or, trying to set the World record for the most posts in a day, or the longest post in history (sorry- I know some are long-but some of you have time in between surgical cases, it takes at least 30 minutes to flip a room-and those who aren’t in surgical device sales maybe I should put a little snack icon, so you know to grab one before reading?)  For all those who have identified with the writing, reached out, and are still reading I say ‘thank you’; and, for those of you who have caused us to work under a corrupt Sociopathic Business Model, well, we have a different ‘you,’ in mind.

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