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Way to Go CEO!

Way to Go CEO!

IBM Senior Vice President Virginia Rometty

IBM CEO Virginia Rometty and the rest of her senior management team are relinquishing their 2013 bonuses as penance for the technology company’s lackluster performance last year.

IBM and their senior management team are a great example of a company taking accountability.  Or maybe we need more lead by example leaders in business.

An excerpt from the Harvard Business Review, June 2011

Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women 

“Many studies have shown that women tend to score higher on tests of social sensitivity than men do. So what is really important is to have people who are high in social sensitivity, whether they are men or women.”
This is exactly why we need more female CEO’s:  leading by example, senior management gave up their bonuses when the company did not perform is certainly socially sensitive.  Consumers need to support socially aware companies.




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