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Unethical Marketing: The DOJ’s Conflict of Interest Case Study

Unethical Marketing: The DOJ’s Conflict of Interest Case Study

October 12, 2014

If you’re a chronic reader of this site (first, thank you) and second it’s known that unethical marketing is part of the problem associated with fraud that’s being encouraged, replicated and rewarded by companies employing tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™. Just as there are different levels of victimization at the hands of fraud as is the case with the degree of marketing of fraud.


Some women have lost the ability to function as normal human beings due to the unethical marketing of transvaginal mesh (and other mesh-like products); and, other’s were pathologically lied to in order to advance greater unethical and illegal corporate activity.  No level of victimization should be dismissed because fraud at any level, left unchecked, will continue with escalating negative (deadly) consquences. Fraud/unethical/illegal corporate activity (regardless of company size) should be identified, exposed via facts, and through force accountability create positive change.

The view of forced accountability can and often is met with opposition even with those wanting the same end goal.  The reason is that those who act from an ethical place are applying their same ethical rules to resolution view this as sort of extortion; but, when dealing with a company that employs tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ the company does not want to change and like a sociopathic will pathologically manipulate to avoid accountability; and why only when there’s forced accountability will we see any real change within many broken systems.

 Forced Accountability VS. Small Psychological Interventions: Creating Corporate Change VS. Individual Change 

If you haven’t read Forced Accountability VS. Small Psychological Intervetnions, please do and watch watch Paul Piff’s TedTalk Does Money Make You Mean? that’s included with the story. It’s part of the foundation for change and lack of understanding the difference between the two will make it all but impossible to graps the next part.

In order to create positive change from a company that does not want to change the only way to achieve that is through forced accountability (nothing new there); but, it requires taking a page from the corrput company’s playbook and using it against them to create that positive change.

To beat a sociopathic company we must think like a sociopathic company. 

There’s a fine line between negotiation and extortion.

Truth negotiates, fraud extorts.

Make sure you’re sitting on the right side of the table.

The MMpiHer Method™

That’s tough for anyone who isn’t a sociopath to comprehend; and, I can tell you first hand, if you don’t question yourself throughout this process you might be the sociopath in the company. That said, I am confident taking a page from their playbook and using it against them is the only way to truly force corrupt companies to take accountability.  Let’s use my former industry and employer as an example:


Johnson & Johnson Corporate Integrity Agreement (s)

Gynecare Cases Federal Court West Virginia


Janssen fined $2.2 billion for off label promotion (marketing) and illegal kickbacks

Ethicon/Gynecare destroying documents for upcoming federal cases

Acclarent served with a subpoena for Stratus MicroFlow Spacer

Holder JNJ Press Release $2.2 Billion Risperdal

The DOJ just collected $2.2 billion from Johnson & Johnson and don’t have to tell the American taxpayers what they’ll do with that money. What reason would the DOJ want for Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiaries to “fix” their problems when they profit from them?  Johnson & Johnson’s pathological abuse of patients, consumers, employees and taxpayers alike is about to change.

We the people need to force accountability from both the DOJ and the corrupt companies like Johnson & Johnson.

I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens even if that includes 

the loss of my freedom. 


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  • With you 100% Melayna. I’m prepared to do whatever is necessary to STOP the abuse of innocent people.

    October 13, 2014 at 8:17 am

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