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Umm Can We Break Up In 2015?

Umm Can We Break Up In 2015?

December 12, 2014

Time to Say Goodbye to 2015 updated 12 12

Just in case you’re not convinced we need to divorce words like disruption and growth hacking in 2015 here’s a little refresher.

Branding is what people focus on who don’t have a viable product or service.  And if further proof is still needed there’s a new genre of useless people who make up job titles to distract from any real discernable talent that further illustrate that point.  These business parasites are often seen quoting themselves  and purchase fake followers  (remember fake followers don’t buy real products-if you’re looking for someone to help get the message out (aka Brand AmbASSaWhores) about your company do your research!

Haters vs. Forced Accountability is probably my favorite because people who use the word “haters” are usually unrepentant assholes who lack any self-awareness or accountability and the rest of us are just pointing out their ugly is showing. Also known as #Paltrowing

MEDIA: We’re going to ask you get off the hero worship of Silicon Valley  (aka #GodsOfFrauds) as the billions are blinding your judgment because you’ve forgotten many of these startups were founded on fraud (Yep-talking to you Zuckerberg and Parker-you got away with it-now go buy an island somewhere and go away!)

Feel free to make this an #AllPlay and add some words of your own below in the comments section.  It’s fun and cheaper than therapy!

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