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UBER CEO Only Launches Investigation into “Abhorrent” Behavior Because of #ForcedAccountability

UBER CEO Only Launches Investigation into “Abhorrent” Behavior Because of #ForcedAccountability

February 20, 2017

Updated below: Uber Hires another former Obama Admin, Eric Holder to explore the sexism allegations.  Sure, hiring former Obama Administration’s David Plouffe worked out well for the company.


Excerpt from Susan Fowler’s blog

One of the triggers of The Sociopathic Business Model™ is when a company chooses to ignore discrimination claims because the company is knowingly and willingly engaged in far greater unethical and or illegal activity that harms more than just the discriminated against party.  This is especially common in venture capital-funded startups where getting the investor ROI of 8-10 x’s their investment within 3-5 years, comes at the cost of employees, consumers, patients, and taxpayers. Meaning profits come before anything or anyone else.


Excerpt from Susan Fowler’s blog about working for Uber.  This is certainly a very familiar story.


We tolerate things in our work environment that we wouldn’t in our personal relationships. We need to view our careers like it’s one of the most important relationships in our lives, because it is.

This is exactly why anyone working for any company but, especially a VC-funded startup, should think of their company’s HR department as the equivalent to their spouse’s divorce attorney.  The HR department is there to protect the VC investment and not the employee.  Something it took me embarrassingly 40 years to understand and with help of the United States Justice Department to expose this pathological pattern in venture capital-funded fraud.

Sadly, what Uber engineer Susan Fowler (now) Rigetti faced isn’t unique to likely the company and certainly not to the industry.  This is in part, why I chose start this site while I was a federal whistleblower under seal (not legally able to disclose I was a whistleblower) to show this pattern from as far back as 2008.  The tech and med tech bubble popped in 2008, but is just getting exposed now.


Whoops! Uber was engaged in far greater illegal behavior from former Obama administration David Plouffe.  That’s not to diminish the abusive discrimination that Fowler-Rigetti endured, it confirms it.

The statement above about the tech bubbling popping is also proved not only by my own venture-capital funded-startup whistleblower federal lawsuit; but, also each time people like Fowler-Rigetti comes forward to support similar claims proving their are patterns in fraud exposed by The Sociopathic Business Model™:

  1.  Venture capital-funded startups ignore discrimination claims because the company is knowingly & willingly engaged in far greater unethical and or illegal activity
  2.  Venture capital-funded startups use innovation as a manipulation to evade the law and commit fraud.
    1. False projections based on investor ROI not what the market can bear to give the appearance of hypergrowth for an overvaluation which is fraud.
    2. The Fraud Business Model-->


The only way we can create positive chance in this area is through #ForcedAccountability which is done either through one or both of the following ways:

  1. Exposing the company’s own negative truthful information that they’d rather remain hidden, which damages their image which is tied to profits.
  2. Legal intervention.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick came forward now because he of the #ForcedAccountability from Fowler-Rigetti’s very public and widely circulated blog (which the media took hold of-which helps). I chose to do both, expose the negative truth via the website and take legal intervention which resulted in helping recover $18 million for taxpayers, removed a useless medical device from the market and convicted two of the company’s former executives.  I hope that Fowler-Rigetti does the same to make sure that Uber doesn’t just promise change, they’re legally forced to change.


Not holding out much hope since the pathologically unethical Uber just hired the pathologically unethical other former Obama Admin Eric Holder.  Holder is currently with white collar crime law firm Covington, and expected to do an internal investigation of the sexism allegations at Uber. Just like when HR does an investigation-an internal investigation  paid for by VC’s is there to protect the company and not the employees. Remember when Chris Christie, laughably used taxpayer money do an internal investigation into Bridgegate?   Don’t be shocked when you hear that similarly, Uber found there was no wrongdoing.  This would be comical if it wasn’t true.

Oddly, I have some experience with  Covington  where I gave a deposition late last year for my pending case against Johnson & Johnson over private insurance fraud.  Susan Fowler-Rigetti’s brave decision to come forward will hopefully inspire others in the company if not industry to come forward and expose the all too common truth about sexism in Silicon Valley that’s encouraged, replicated and rewarded.

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Steps to Protect From The Sociopathic Buisness Model™

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional Victims

Killing My Career & The Sociopathic Business Model™ have successfully exposed Silicon Valley venture capital-funded startup fraud from med tech industry, Acclarent founded in 2006 & acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $785 million in 2010; and, successfully in 2014 predicted fraud in the bio tech industry from Theranos  and consistently made similar claims about Uber, causing CEO Travis Kalanick to Twitter block.   I’ve often said there’s a name for people who have a problem with that I do, they’re called criminals.

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