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Twitter Lists Help Organize & Categorize Your Feed

Twitter Lists Help Organize & Categorize Your Feed

November 1, 2014

You may see a notification on Twitter that says someone has added you to their “list.” I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first since I’ve only been on Twitter since (I think) May it’s still a new medium to me. Two things I don’t like about Twitter (no way to edit for the spelling challenged like myself) and it’s a mess to read.

Fortunately-Twitter is working to solve these “problems” (yes, the world should have such problems, I know)

Twitter Added Spell Check

And it appears I’m not the only one happy about that @TUBEZDR feels my pain

These are the first two lists I was added to on Twitter:

First two people that added me to a list

Twitter followers Juan C Garcia and Matt Grehan who use lists


Before lists if I wanted to see what someone posted I had to go to their specific account and cull through the information.  I also recognize that people tweet about varied topics so putting them into one specific category may be challenging, but you can put them in multiple categories:


Here’s an example of the “lists” I’ve made so far how and what lists I added @TheioBeauty

Here’s why I like the idea of lists:

-Easy to organize topics of interest (I write about fraud & corruption but like shoes and music too)

-Organize a Twitter Social Activism Campaign to create greater awareness & attract more participants (#CleanUpYourMesh #Essure #JNJ #Bard #BostonScientific #Coloplast #American Medical Systems) For lack of a better explanation it’s like creating a Facebook page and you can make it private or public just like Facebook.

Clean Up Your Mesh Twitter Campaign

-Find and follow friends (my friends tend to fall into two categories fashion (a common interest) and media-what they do for a living and who I’m trying to attract to create more awareness to campaigns.

Carey Pena


I put Carey in Philanthropic Phashion (posters related to fashion: Chanel, Fendi, Charity Fashion etc.) and Media. Philanthropic Phashion is a charity I’m working towards starting that helps women in need (not quite there yet-but working on the foundation of that now.) Carey may want to see the latest bag from Chanel or look for a fashion story idea-this list may come in handy.

I write about fraud, corruption, exposing that corruption and empowering victims pretty much on a daily basis (yep-I’m a blast at cocktail parties).  That’s part of my business model.  I don’t like the use of the word “brand” (the best and most accurate joke I’ve heard about that is that cattle are branded-people aren’t) and branding  lends to focusing on the image of something opposed to the substance of something. Exposing fraud is the foundation of my business model.  Branding is what you do when you don’t really have a product or solid foundation to an idea.

Words of Wisdom:

Don’t get offended if you’re initially moved from one list to another as each person is trying to create lists that best suit their needs and interests in order to follow you better.  Be flattered, it means the person is taking an interest in what you’re saying or doing!

Subscribe to a list if you like what the person is creating (saves you some time) or create a list of your own.  Once you get the notification if you click on the link and it takes you to the list if you want to subscribe.

Reminder if you’re doing an activism campaign it’s better to have more people unite under one heading opposed to many fractured groups on the same similar topic.

Trudy @theTrudz


Exploitation/Social Media

And some people do not like the idea of lists-at all!  Disclosure-I did not follow her before just looking under the tag “Twitter Lists” but I was blocked (now unblocked) for saying she was taking this a little to seriously. I will read her post about Exploitation/Social Media to understand her point and updated if my opinion should change.

I fundamentally understand her concern of not wanting to be put in one box over another or only seen one way (and I actually didn’t see it that way) but really just needed the lists for organization and allow for greater interaction with followers or story ideas).  My thought-there are worst lists to be tagged in than academic, journalist or media but part of social media is following the lead of what you’re followers want.  Again we didn’t follow one another from the start so we’re a non-issue for one another; but, it does bring up an interesting point:

 If any of my followers are offended they were added to a list-please let me know and I’ll happily remove you.

Tip to Twitter: If users could select a category (or categories) from their lists before sending out a Tweet  it helps get information to the right people. This would create a more meaningful user experience if people who like shoes got a shoe posts and people interested in fraud got a fraud post. Any informtion is good information it’s what a company chooses (or doesn’t choose to do with it) as this would again set them apart from other social media.

@Jack Twitter Tip

And from Kevan Lee who clearly has a handle on Twitter Lists: 23 Seldom Used Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists

  • You are so smart! And so motivated. Great guidance for twitter novices like myself as I have never posted my first tweet. But it’s coming soon. 🙂

    November 1, 2014 at 3:00 pm

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