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Today’s Theme: Amazing Women doing Good Work in the World Part II

Today’s Theme: Amazing Women doing Good Work in the World Part II

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Another Starbucks at Kierland encounter this time started with a conversation over a GoPro. Gawd, I’m old-I found out about technology on Dateline; and, by the time this stuff reaches mainstream, it’s over, right?  But, the next day it walked into my ‘office,’ and Courtney the owner and educator of the GoPro and I struck up a conversation and now correspondence.

Courtney and her truck ‘Ruby,’ hit the road on all sorts of adventures.  Last I heard, they were in Nicaragua (um, I had to Google if you can drive from the US to Nicaragua), so you can see why I’m in awe of someone half my age, who has a firm grasp on geography and the spirit for adventure.  I ordered a Venti opposed to a tall today, and clearly need to get out more.

She’s actually doing some work for Under 30 Experiences as acommunity manager…helping people get on trips all around the world. You can read more about her adventures here : The Adventures of Court and Ruby

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  • Melodee Slade

    Thank you for writing about my daughter, Courtney. She and her sister inspire me to take “life leaps” in directions least expected. I love these girls!

    Courtney told me about meeting you and a few others in Scottsdale while Ruby was being repaired. Your conversation was one of the highlights of her Western U.S. trip last fall. It was a positive push she needed at the time.



    February 28, 2014 at 12:03 am

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