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Today’s Theme: Amazing Women doing Good in the World Part III

Today’s Theme: Amazing Women doing Good in the World Part III


People have commented that I’m still angry. Yep, I will be for a while.  I lost something I worked very hard for at the hands of corruption and not until I leave a mark on this world fixing a broken business model will that anger likely subside.  This quest started about one problem and quickly became much bigger. I lost a career, so what?  No seriously, so what?

The things that I’ve uncovered about a former employer and the industry I once loved have me hoping that there’s some sort of law against cloning Hitler’s DNA for the next generation of managers.  I came across this amazing site while I was researching companies for The Sociopathic Business Model™ that helped strengthen my resolve when I needed it most.   Through this journey, I’ve had the privilege of meeting (not always in person) some extraordinary people that I otherwise would never have met.

One such person is Maria Bradshaw, who is an extremely articulate advocate, Co-founder and CEO of CASPER (Community Action on Suicide Prevention Education & Research) in Dublin Ireland.  Maria promotes a social model of suicide prevention focused on strengthening community cohesion, addressing the social drivers of suicide and providing communities with the knowledge and tools required to reclaim suicide prevention from mental health professionals.  Like many of us who find our voices, she did so because of a personal reason.  Maria lost her only child to SSRI induced suicide in 2008.

When we see a company put profit above patient need resulting in mortality, then watch the executive evade jail and repeat the cycle all over again, I hope that you understand why I am still angry.  It’s not for me or my career it’s for people like Maria, who turned pain I hope none of us ever know, into making a difference.

 To learn more about Maria’s organization Casper click on the link


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